Friday, September 28, 2007

This is the Start

Hi. Its quite late, but really its normal for me to be up this late because Ben (my husband) is on nightshift, and i am not very comfortable going to bed and sleeping as i am when he is here. I should be used to it by now because he has been doing night shift for ages now but..... Nope i am not....
I am new to this by the way. My friend Sarah has a blog and so does her sis Nic. I have read a few and thought, hey why not.... So here it is.
I wouldnt say my life is all that exciting, but i do have a gorgeous husband and the most adorable little Girl Charlotte i could talk about.... (hence the name Charleegirl). They make me laugh all the time. And then there is my scrapbook pages i could show off. I love to show my work off especially the pages you feel really confident about and proud of.... Some of them you just think "oh yeah its ok, but its done now so lets move on", and others are just a "wow" factor.
Tonight i went to watch my little Sis x 2 in their singing and drama performance. They are 17 & 13 and just crack me up. They are off to Queensland next week to sing at Dreamworld. I would have liked to go, but just not possible at the moment. I am sure they will do well though and have a ball. Bree (17) was a fairy godmother in this drama thing and she makes up the lines as she goes i am sure. She is an absolute nutter.... I was meant to be at Cross Stitch Night with my gals, but i went to watch my sis's instead. I am sure they had fun without me all the same.
Oh well, i better go check on my little cherub and hit the sack, tomorrow is another day and lets see what it brings - better weather i hope..... and lose the wind please.....

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