Friday, October 2, 2009

Motivation has Blown away....

Yes you heard it right. No motivation for anything this week. I feel a bit better today, but not 100%. I am not sick, I am just feeling a little down in the dumps and miserable... uncomfortable and tired. I know its probably normal, but not really normal for me.

So I have no scrapping to show. I will get off my butt and show off all what I did at retreat and since, but I have to find the right light, therefore the right time to photograph them all.

So update on the Savvy DT call. I wasnt selected which is disappointing, but never mind. The competition was tough and there was only 2 spots. Desicion was made to choose Kayla Renee and Sara - 2 very talented scrappers.....

Well, since its the long weekend allot of people are heading off on hols. We are just hanging here which is still nice. We have 2 5 year old birthday parties tomorrow and then a family picnic on Sunday so I think that should be enough to lift the spirits somewhat.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend and get lots done, whatever it may be.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Way too long.... In trouble now!!!

It has been at least a few months since I blogged and I am in big trouble for it. So much has been happening, I just didnt seem to find the time for this.... I have so much to share from Scrapbooking Delights Retreat, but have only done a few LO's for the Srapbook Savvy DT call since then. I am so looking forward to getting more done as things slow down for me...... of course before things speed up again!!!!

Here are the LO's completed for the Scrapbook Savvy DT call.

Week 1 Part 1

Week 1 part 2

Week 2

Week 3

Now we sit and wait for the final decision..... It has been a big learning curve for me. Haveing to follow a challenge and submit by a deadline... No meet deadline, no make submission.

I will come back with some of my other LO's soon. Wont be able to photograph today due to windy/dusty conditions.

Until then. Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

DT Call @ Savvy

I know I have been extremely slack in the blogging department..... but I had to get on today and spread the word. Time is up for 2 very talented DT Members on Savvy. This is sad, but at the same time, allows room for 2 new members....

So here tis.
Scrapbook Savvy DT Call

- 3 Rounds

- Non-elimination

- Must be participating on Scrapbook Savvy Forum

- Personal Blog a MUST

- 6 month term

- 2 positions available

- Commencing 4th September 2009

- New DT announced 1st October 2009

Join the friendliest forum around and take part in our Design Team Competition!

Meet new friends and admire the amazing work in the Savvy Gallery, and take your chance to be a part of a successful Scrapbooking Store’s Design Team, with your reward being a generous monthly kit and store discount.

Hope to see you @ Savvy!

Come on over for more information here

Saturday, May 30, 2009

1 and Only Post for May

Well who has been completely slack this month then.... hhmm? Yes I know, appologies. Been a bit crazy for me with home, work, and of course being unwell to top it all off.... who ever said that being pregnant was supposed to be a good time in your life... All I feel at the moment is crap, I guess it HAS to get better cause it sure couldnt get any worse. BUT, in saying that I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring another little cherub into the world. With my long medical history, Doctors couldnt predict if this would ever happen... especially not twice. So I am happy about it, dont get me wrong, its just hard trying to carry on while feeling so unbelievably crap...

Well enough of my whinging. Its time to show that I have actually been doing some scrapping this month, even though I havent posted them. Thought since its the last day, its high tide I did... so here goes.

National Scrapbooking Day was held at Scrapbook Savvy and a great day was held by all. My DH didnt believe me that there was such a thing.... He just laughed when I told him, before heading off for his motorbike riding weekend LOL. This is what I managed with the help of sketches and scraplifting....

These first 2 are the 7th (#19) and 8th (#20) Inspired Blueprints sketches for the month of April. Unfortunately they werent posted early enough for me to have them finished in time, but I loved them anyway and had a good time completing them.

Now for these ones....

This was a Scrap Therapy Blind Scrap which I didnt get to do. I just printed off the instructions and away I went.... Quite a simple LO, but I like it all the same....

This is a just because. I just had to have the corner flower from Scrapware. I had been eyeying it off for ages at, and it fit beautifully on this page. I also used my new Glimmer Mist which I am sssoooo in love with....

This is a scraplift from one of Sar's many albums. Its very cute I think.

These were done at crop night Scrapbooking Delights.... havent been able to make it lately, so it was great to get along and catch up with the girls. Started out rather slow, but managed 3 LO's before heading home so not a bad effort....

Crop night at Savvy wasnt as productive as I stupidly forgot to take my photos with me... Why would you need photos LOL. I had spent ages sorting them out into date order, and put them in the folder ready to go.... and with the comotion of the seriously heavy down pour of rain and running to the car without getting the papers wet, I walked out without my album..... I had this photo floating in my stuff which was OK, and then I scabbed a photo off Sar. I wont do that again will I (forget my pics I mean). So this is what I managed....

Sketch from Pagemaps April 2009

Scraplift from Tiff... Thanks Tiff....

I did another one, but without a photo and havent got it printed yet... stay tuned...

Now the rest of these I have managed to get done on my own at home. I figureed I only have about 6 months to catch up on Charlotte's scrap pages before the new addition arrives and then I am going to want to scrap he/she so every opportunity I will be scrapping. I think I am doing OK, and thanks to Kindra... she made me get some more recent pics done and I think it is helping with my mojo. I will keep going back to the older ones and get a mix done. I know I will get there eventually!!! So here goes.

This is IB Sketch # 21. I have used Glimmer Mist on this one too... Just love it... Charlotte's first haircut (at the age of 2 LOL)

Savvy May 09 Add Challenge. I used it as more of a sketch than the concept of the white space. But I think its just what you get from it so its good...

This was a very quick, just because... but too cute dont you think.

This is a double from Pagemaps. My Lil sis's Year 12 formal....Dont you just love the thickers. New purchase with my birthday voucher from Savvy... very spoilt girl I am!!

This one is the IB DT call. I like the sketch so did it, but dont think I will submit it. There are far more talented scrappers out there... will see.

This one is IB sketch # 22. can you tell I like the IB sketches.. I think I have only missed a couple since they started. They are just so versatile

and the last one is one I do really like. I guess it might have something to do with the starting point. It is the May scraplift for Savvy, and Hayley was the starting point. She does some fabulous work.

Anyway, I will leave you with that. I am going to head over to Sar's later, but dont think there will be much scrapping happening. Its really wet here and its hard for me to get everything in the car while keeping it dry as I dont have internal access from the house to the garage. Anyway, will pop over for a visit, the kids can have a play and see how we go.

Til next time (hopefully sooner than this time), keep scrapping as I will need more inspiration in the coming months LOL

Leesh xxoo

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long time between Posts.... sorry!

Well there really hasnt been much time in this household for anything, let alone scrapping. Between my work, Bens work, Tai Kwon Do... gymnastics, swimming, school activites, the list goes on.... BUT, a couple of weekends ago, and then yesterday and today I have made up for it.... I have completed all 6 of the IB Sketches and I am thinking I like em.

So here goes:

IB Sketch # 13

These are my little sisters Bree & Dannii. They had a little too much to drink with not enough sleep at a 24 hour cancer fundraising walk.... They had fun though and the photos show it....

IB Sketch # 14

This is Charlotte and I on the side of the road heading up to Mt Bullar. This little Gnome house was just there in a tree on the side of the road. I couldnt believe no-one had come along and vandalled it... It wouldnt be there long in Wollongong, thats for sure!!!

IB Sketch # 15

This one is Charlotte and all her friends at bed time... Its a wonder there is any room left for her!!

IB Sketch # 16

This photo was taken on my new camera which I got for Christmas 2007. When I opened it, the photo was already on it... Cheeky!!!

IB Sketch # 17

Yes, its a double and I struggled....

Its Charlotte when she was first using the toilet... She thought she was so funny with her red hat on.....

IB Sketch # 18

These photos were taken by Sarah @ Coopers 3rd Birthday. The photo with her hands on her eyes was actually her singing the "eyes and ears and mouth and nose" song....Funny girl....

And this one (LO # 8 for April woohoo) is an April Pagemaps Sketch.

Ben and Charlotte on Ben's KTM down at the farm house in Milton. She was far to clever to ride my little bike!!!

On a not scrapping note... here are a few random pics of late.

1st one is of Charlotte and Georgia watching playschool. I looked after the kids while Sarah went to the SIA (and I got a lovely little present for it woohoo)... It looks like they were so much trouble hey!! LOL

These 2 are of Cooper and Charlotte at Sarah's sister Nic's 40th birthday. It was an ART dress up theme... Cooper was "Speed Racer" (I think, sorry Coop), and Charlotte was a Bumble Bee. When she arrived though, she put on Cooper's helmet and he said she looked like the Pollen Jocks from the Bee Movie. Classic how these kids imaginations work isnt it.....

This is my little monkey on Easter morning. She had an egg hunt... the easter bunny was very cheeky and left eggs all over the house....

And then she had to open the big rabbit and of course ALL the paper came off at the same time....She enjoyed herself though!!

Pizzas are ready for the oven... topped with cheese YUM!!! AND.. suprisingly not too much mess.

This was her finished product... and very proud of herself indeed!!

OH... I almost forgot...

Look what I got in the mail today. I won a Kaiser RAK from Tiff... Woohoo.... Thanks heaps Tiff. Will see what I can do with these!!!!

Well, I am heading out soon to go to the dentist. Believe it or not I am looking forward to going as I have been having serious problems with my tooth and I need it fixed!!!!! I kept putting it off, and now its unbearable......

So this will be it for me for now. See what I can manage later on with a painful mouth LOL!!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Jared coming to Visit....

Well, its Saturday afternoon and Jared is coming to visit soon for a sleep over, so thought I would get it and post something before my cruisy saturday turns hectic!! I have managed 21 LO's for March and yes that means I am now 7 LO's behind...hhhmmmm... I do still have a few more days, I will attempt to get some more done, but in the meantime here is what I have to show....

1st one is Sar's March sketch over at Mystical. She did really well considering it was her first sketch. Here is my take:

Its actually her and Cooper at my 30th birthday. I just love how they were being so happy naturally and not really posing.... Gorgeous.

This next one is a just because, but is a Pencillines Sketch from the archives:

Its Charlotte the first time she had 2 minute noodles. She just loved them.

And, not sure if I am allowed to post this yet, but since I have submitted it and voting will start in only a few hours, I thought it wouldnt be such a big deal. So here is my Week 4 Mystical, China Challenge. We had to use A big photo, Numbers and Bling... I have all that, now I just need the votes to stay in the race!!!!

Well, thats about it for me. I start a new position at work on MOnday so that will be interesting. Its only temporary but its manageing a whole department on my own. I have done it before, but I feel as though this will be more challenging.....wish me luck!!!!

Alicia xxoo

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The end of another hectic week.

Well it has been another very hectic week, at home, work and socially. Work... I wont bore you with it, but I will bore you with my scrapping, my crop night, and of course my great costume making!!!!

My day on Friday started out, that I wouldnt actually be able to go as my lil-sis Bree who is my Friday night babysitter was sick, so thought it was best she went home to rest.....I rang the shop to cancel, and then Sarah offered for her husband Daniel to mind Charlotte so I could go, but my little monkey, plus their own 3... didnt think it was really fair on him... And then Bree turned up... yippee!! I ended up being a little bit late though, cause me being the organised person I am, thought on the eve of Bailey's dress up party, I really should organise the costumes...oops!!!
Then as I was about to pack my stuff in the car, my neighbour (Kindra's husband) came over to see if I wanted to send Charlotte to their place so I could go scrapping... how nice was he... Kindra was already at the shop and she didnt know he had offered, which made it even nicer that he thought of me like that. Thanks Jared!!

So what I managed to get done at the Scrapbooking Delights crop night was the following:
Priority of course was the complete week 3 for amazing race over at Mystical. I liked how it turned out, just hope others do too to vote for me to stay in the race....

Thanks to Sarah too for actually sending my LO in for the gallery otherwise I wouldnt have got it in in time... Thanks, babe... I actually pinched this photo from the gallery!!!

The next 2 are both sketches from Pencillines. They were in the archive section, and think they are both pretty good. They are fairly simple sketches, which I think sometimes is good especially when the photos are cute already!!!

And here are some pics from the party yesterday. It was very funny cause when I was getting the photos' Bailey was saying "cheese" and smiling.... behind his mask!!!! Funny kid.... Can you believe he is only 2 weeks off being a whole year older than Charlotte... he is just so tiny!!

And this is my little Jessie....

And Bree was the Slinky Dog.... but unfortunately the slinky part didnt travel very well!!! oops....

I didnt get many photos unfortunately either as the battery on my camera died early into the day which is always the way isnt it... but at least I got the ones I did.

Well, since today is 22nd March, I have done 18 LO's, which is 4 behind my goal... Bette try and get some more done tonight. Will see how I go....

Until I have more to show

Leesh xxoo

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back again...

I was running behind on my March self challenge, so I made sure I did another LO last night while Ben watched Underbelly on tele. Well, what turned out in the end was a double LO which is quite rare for me lately.... I cheated a bit... Oh ok, allot and scrap lifted from Sarah, but I just LOVED her Eore page and thought I could make this one just as cute... and to be honest, I think it turned out quite cute. I do like it. Here tis, my baby girl opening the huge 1kg easter egg.

I am a sucker for Red Tulip and since Easter in the only real time you can get it, I make the most of it.

This is a close up of the gorgeous Easter Bunny which I picked up the other day from my LSS Scrapbooking Delights. Its a Meri Meri Accent. I just couldnt leave it on the shelf, it had my name written all over it.... you can see why cant you?

And another funny photo from home. Yesterday afternoon, Charlotte decided to hold a birthday party for her little dolly "Bindi". She called her Bindi cause we said it looked like Bob Irwin, but then she started calling her Bindi. So anyway, here she is, cups lined up for her little dolly friends, and they all had party hats on. She carried on the party later by including natkums (napkins, but thats what Charlotte calls them), and she used the cake tin as a pretend cake. Her imagination is just beautiful.

Thats all from me. I had a lovely visit to Sarah's again today and hoping I came away with some inspiration for the rest of the week to complete some more LO's.

Leesh xxoo

I made it through....

YAY... I made it through to Week 3 over at Mystical.... boy its gonna get harder now to keep up with the talent over there, but I can only do my best!!!

This week we are heading off to Egypt, so we need to use outside beach/pool photos and use red to resemble to hot climate of Egypt...hhhmmmm... See how we go....

Leesh xxoo

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ready for a New Week.... Amazing Race Week 2 - Votes are in....

The votes are in over at Mystical, and we will find out tomorrow morning who will be eliminated, and who will be going through to Round 3.... Fingers crossed. Since the votes are all in, I can show my LO for Week 2 which was Greenland - White with Brown.

These next 2 LO's were just because ones.... No submissions to any forum, sketch site, just my album!!!

LO # 1 is actually a scraplift from me new found blog friend Tiff. She does some awsome layouts, and I loved her version of this one, so thought I would give it a go... Thanks Tiff xx

LO # 2, was one I made up myself... yes thats right... its been a while, but I had to try and find my own mojo. I like how it turned out. The photo isnt the best as I took it at night and is a bit shadowed, but I just wanted to get it on before my hectic working week starts all over again.

So thats it... Up to 13 LO's so only a little bit behind my March goal, but since its only half way through, I have some opportunity to catch up.

Today, I went shopping to Spotlight for items to make Charlotte a Jessie outfit to wear to my nephew Bailey's 4th birthday next Saturday. Jessie is the Cowgirl on Toy Story 2 and Charlotte just loves her... Will show off my creation once its finished Wish me luck!!!

Managed to also fit a visit to my beautiful Godchildren today when I popped into Sarah's place....I didnt do any scrapping, which was lucky as there wasn't much room left on the table for me!!!

Until I manage to get back

Alicia xxoo