Saturday, July 31, 2010

STUCK?! August 1st Sketch with New CT

Good morning everyone... Well, not a really good morning for me. I have a very unsettled baby at the moment so the last 2 nights has been with minimal sleep - BUT, must soldier on. Ben let me have a lie in this morning which was great, hopefully its enough to catch up a little.

Well, here we go - Time to reveal the August 1st STUCK?! Sketch. This is of course being revealed with the NEW Creative Team's inspiration. If you want to see more, check it out here. They have done a fantastic job, with different interpretations of the sketch.

This was MY take on the sketch.

Bed-Hair no More - Charlotte was having a VERY bad hair day, so I straightened it for her....and look at the difference!!!!

Good luck with all your challenges this month, and dont forget to check back to see what is in stall for the August Birthday Celebrations.

Well, best be off to get organised. Sleeping in kinda puts the day back a bit, so its catch up time before we head off to a BBQ at one of our neighbours. They moved in about a year ago and have decided its time to have a "house warming party".... better late than never LOL.

Leesh xx

Friday, July 30, 2010

Scrapbook Savvy August Kit Sneak Peaks......

.....Are up in the forum. Check them out here.

Don't forget to get a sub if you want to guarantee your choice of kits, I assure you there will be no disappointment to be had - they are once again looking fabbo!!!!

On a different note, I am happy to announce that I have completed a large project I have been working on. I cant show yet as it is a surprise :)

Until later (when I actually show some scrapping off.....)

Leesh xx

PS. If you are attending the Savvy Delights Retreat on 20th-22nd August and you have not paid up - you have until tonight to do so.

STUCK?! Sketches Birthday Celebrations

Hip Hip Hooray!


It has been nearly one year since Stuck?! Sketches relaunched and an amazing 3 years since our very first sketch.

August will be a month of celebration with lots and lots of layouts to share and awesome prizes to give away.

All the fun starts on August 1st so be sure to check out STUCK?! Blog for more details.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Savvy Cybercrop - THIS Weekend

Is the cold weather getting you down?
Looking for something to warm up those fingers?

Come join us at Scrapbook Savvy this Friday 30th July for our Winter Cybercrop!


Challenges revealed Friday night with nearly a week till deadline!

Bingo & blind scrapping Saturday night! Lots of fun to be had. More information in the Scrapbook Savvy forum.

Hope to see you there!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Away from Home....

Well, I am still away from home so no photos, no LO's just me....

Haveing a nice relaxing few days with the relos and today the kids and I took a drive to Branxton to visit the lovely Miss PJ and her gorgeous little cherubs. I think it is so cute how kids can just relax with each other even though they hardly know each other and be friends and play nicely. It was a shame we had to leave and even though I had warned Charlotte it would be a quick visit, it was still sad to have to tell her it was time to leave.

Now, since I have no visuals to share, I thought I would share something else with you. I copied it from Sar's blog when she asked these questions of little Master Cooper. Here are Charlotte's responses of the same questions:

AT 4 years and 4 months

What is your favourite cereal? Cocoa Pop O's
What is your favourite tv show? Simpsons
What is your favourite movie? Chipmunks
What kind of pet would you like to have? Cat so Flicky can chase her
Who is your best friend? Larissa
What vegetable do you like best? Carrot
What toy would you never give away? Tiana
What do you take to bed at night? Jeddy
What is your favourite game? Hide and go Seek
What is your favourite book? Aerial
What is your favourite treat? Lollies
What do you want to be when you grow up? A rock star
What superpower would you like to have ? To jump high just like on a trampoline
What do you like to have for lunch? Sandwich
What makes you mad? When Mummy doesnt give me something
Where would you like to go on holidays? Queensland

I will have to save this and use it on some journalling soon me thinks.

Well, thats it from me for today. I will be heading home tomorrow afternoon so we are home before Ben goes to work - talk about tag teaming!!!

Hope you are all well xx

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Announcement.....

Has been made over at STUCK?! Sketches..... So I can finally tell my news...... I was selected to be part of the STUCK?! Creative Team. I am so very excited and cant wait to start playing with the new sketches. Congrats also to all the other talented ladies, including my gorgeous BF Sar....woohoo.... I am still jumping for joy!!!