Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well, its Sunday and I havent blogged all week - slack I know, but we actually went camping for the beginning of the week (no internet access), then things have been hectic trying to clean up etc... BUT, I am here now, so thats all that matters.

I cant believe our little man was 2 months old last Sunday. I am taking the photo of the month again like I did with Charlotte.

Here he is at 1 month

Here he is at 2 months

Firstly to let you know that I didnt gain a DT spot at Savvy. I wont deny that I am not disappointed, but its Sarah's decision and I am sure she has made the right choice in Anthea.

So... other news is that I have a new niece. Addisen Jorjeena was born on Monday 18th January (her due date). Unfortunately we had left to go camping when we got the news, so it was 2 days before we actually got to see her. Here is some pics I took of her at our place on the Wednesday:

This is Charlotte & I having our first cuddles:

This photo was also the one used for Week 3 of "52 Weeks of Me" - here is my LO:

Here are a few more LO's from the Savvy Cybercrop which was held over the weekend (last weekend) The theme was holidays so it made me go back and do some of our holiday to New Zealand I have been putting off.

This is Kayla's Challenge. Using only 3 colours, 2 photos, 1 bling embellishment

And Sara's - use the colours Blue, Teal/Aqua, Yellow & White

I didnt get to do Kerryn's sketch, but since I got the photos printed for it, I will still do it - just not in time for judging.

This one is actually the January Sketch over at Savvy, which also happens to be #39 at Inspired Blueprints.

And before I go, here are a few pics from our camping trip at Lake Conjola:

Ben - he threw a line in and the best he caught was some seaweed LOL

Charlotte in the tent - we were trying to stay out of the sun for a while, so she played with her princesses in the shade of the tent.

She learnt (sort of) how to play shuttlecock - maybe one day she will be able to play with an apponent!!

I think thats all the news I have to share this week. I am hoping to get upstairs and do the sketch from Scrap the Girls, but I have a rather annnoying headache. I have been up since 3.30 this morning, so I guess that might explain it. Perhaps I should just hit the sack as soon as I can.... hhmmm, yep, good idea me thinks.

Til next time, take care xx Leesh

Friday, January 15, 2010

**Savvy Cybercrop **A Waiting Game & **A LO Share

First up, just to let you know the January Cybercrop has commenced over at Scrapbook Savvy. I am hoping to get these done before we go down the coast on Monday. I wont be taking my scrap stuff as I think it might be too dirty camping... Will have to take cross stitch and a book instead.

The waiting game is on at the moment for the arrival of my new neice. She isnt due til Monday (18th Jan) but we thought she was coming on Wednesday - oh no false labour. Its my sister's first baby and she is so over being pregant and just wants to have her here in real life. Its really hard also because her DH Paul has a 4 year old, Bailey, and he is due to return to his Mother on Monday. She was hoping for the baby to be born before the end of his visit, but that may not happen now. Unfortunately there isnt much we can do about Mother Nature - she certainly has a mind of her own.

Oh well, I will keep you posted, but in the meantime here are my LO's I have been doing over the last week. This brings my total for 2010 to 11. I was hoping to get 1 per day done, which means I am 4 LO's behind, but I am hoping Oliver settles well tonight and I should be able to achieve something before bedtime.

1st one is the Blind Challenge held by Kayla Renee over at Savvy last week. If you would like to do it and possibly win a prize, it is open until the end of CC deadline of 21st January. You will find the instructions here. The photo is one taken the other day of Oliver in his new green outfit (hence the title).... I cant believe he is almost 2 months already.....I have used the November We're Savvy Kit.

This next one is week 2 of "52 Weeks of Me". Its a photo of me (of course) the day I met Baby Mason. Isnt he adorable.... All items used for this LO came from the December She's Savvy Kit from Savvy.

I absolutely adore this photo of Charlotte holding Oliver after we had come home. She just loves him so much... This is a just because and I have used left over BG papers & embellishments along with some other randoms (I am determined to get through my stash)

These next 2 I have scraplifted from my gorgeous girl Sar

Pat-a-cake also using Novembers We're Savvy Kit

My Little Star using some goodies I recieved for Christmas (put together by Miss Sar from Savvy)

And last but not least Our Little Boy and His Dummy - using the November He's Savvy Kit.... I will be honest and say I also scraplifted this, but I am sorry to say that I cant remember who's LO it was. I saw it, and just did it... SO, if this looks like one of your pages - thanks!!

As you can see, I have used mostly the contents from the awesome kits over at Scrapbook Savvy. They are available on the 1st of every month. Unfortunately since having Oliver there wasnt much scrapping done, I wasnt able to enter the monthly Random Kit Challenges, but I have enjoyed using the products. I am sure I will be ready to go now for the Feb kit.... I wonder what they will be????

I also have to praise myself doing these BOY LO's. I was so scared (just ask the girls) when I found out we were having a boy - how was I going to scrap BOY pages LOL... I am actually enjoying them (believe it or not). Hope my mojo keeps up.

Anyway, finishing off now so I can go and (try) scrap before Oliver wakes up for his last feed of the night. I will try and get back here soon... fingers crossed.

xx Leesh

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Babies, a trip to the beach, & 2010 LO Share...

Wow, what a week... We've had 2 babies born, the gorgeous Georgia turned 3.... and yes I have been scrsapping also. Let me introduce you to 2 new little boys -

29th December 2009, Leanne (Charlotte's preschool teacher) & Johnny welcomed little Max (sorry no pics). We finally managed a visit this week.... He is so cute - tiny little thing!!!

Then on 6th January 2010, Master Mason Anthony Zanotto was welcomed by Anthony, Linda & Jared. We left it til the next day to go visit - and he is gorgeous also.... check out the photos:

Linda & i swapped babies...

This is me having a cuddle of Mason...

Ben & I showing off both little monkeys... they are sure to be thick as thieves at only 7 weeks apart!!

Finally we have weather suitable to take pics of my LO'S, so here we go: 9apologies for them being a little crooked - had a baby on my lap at the time)

This is an old photo of us girls at Melbourne Cup 2006 - its Sketch #35 from 52 Sketches.

This is my BIL Matt and little Jared down at the farm. its a just because using Decembers He's Savvy Kit. Too late to submit, but I like it all the same - having to "learn" to do boy LO'S

This is another older photo of us celebrating Linda's 30th birthday

This is the photo Ben took this year for our Christmas Cards of our 2 little "cherubs". I have used the December "We're Savvy Kit" this time - again too late too submit... what a shame oh well!!

January Colour Combo Challenge from the talented Miss Kayla Renee.

And last but not least, Week 1 of my "52 Weeks of Me" challenge (set by myself)

I didnt do this LO - it was a Christmas gift from my gorgeous friend Linda. The photo is of her little boy Jared and my Charlotte - they are such good friends. It is in an awesome display frame which was made by her FIL and allows for the LO to be changed. For now I am more than happy to leave this LO - Linda is so clever.

And to finish off, here are some pics of Miss Charlotte from our trip to the beach also this week!!!

Well thats all from me today. We are into week 2 of 2010 which i hope brings even more excitement.... I am off to put together my application for Savvy DT spot before the closing date.

xx Leesh

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weigh In and Some more Pics....

Well the challenge is on now to regain my pre-baby weight. I am doing pretty good considering I had a caesarian and wasnt able to do much for a few weeks. I have been on my Wii Fit and also started walking again with my Mum. I would like to start running again, but thought I should give it a few more weeks as I still have a small part of my incision which hasnt quite healed. I am down to 69.6kg which means I have 5.6kg to go to reach my goal weight. Ideally I would like to go lower, but would be content with that.

I have no scrapping LO's to show although I have managed 4 LO's this year (woohoo). The weather hasnt been good enough to take the photos, but I promise I will get them up as soon as possible....

In the meantime, I will show some pics of my beautiful family:

This is Ben & Charlotte during our trip to the snow last year... we had a great time - who needs skiis!!

And some more pics of our new Oliver, and the meeting time with his big sister Charlotte...

We have been so blessed with these 2 children, I couldnt ask for more than this. Our family is now complete and I look forward to watching these 2 bond and (hopefully) form a beautiful relationship. If the last 7 weeks has anything to go by, Charlotte will be great with him - she just adores him to bits xx!!

Well, its time to hit the scraproom. I am sure as soon as I get in there Oliver will wake for a feed, but lets not sit around waiting I say!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year - A new Beginning

Well you would have noticed I havent blogged for a while... BUT, a new year and a new beginning includes keeping up to date with my scrapping, blog, and friends I have met along the way.

Again since I havent blogged since October 2009, there would be no announcement of the new addition to our now complete family - 17th November at 10.15am, we very proudly welcomed our little man Oliver Benjamin. A tiny little thing, weighing only 2.7kg.

I have so many other photos which I will share another time.... I am just trying to get a start before the cheeky boy wakes up from his sleep. (timing is everything at the moment LOL)

On a scrapping note, I have set myself a challenge for this year. I am calling it the "52 weeks of Me!". I have arranged an album from Sarah (an 8.5x11) so I can take a photo and scrap it for 1 day a week for the whole year. The album will be primarily about me. Its not often I am in front of the camera, so this is a plan to get me motivtaed into actually liking what I see in photos. I am always snapping shots of Ben, the kids, even the dog... but rarely I am in the frame. I have taken this weeks photo already - of course had to be at new year. Its a picture of all of us at my brothers just after midnight. Oliver wasnt too impressed by the whole ordeal as you can see, and Charlotte... well I think she was just being a dork.

I havent scrapped this yet, but will be working on it tonight.I have completed 3 LO's already but the weather isnt too kind to us today so will have to photograph them another day and show them off.

Other scrapping news is that of a sad occassion. Our beautiful and talented Miss Lisa Warren has resigned from the Scrapbook Savvy Design Team. Reading the forum there were allot of other girls who were equally as shocked and saddened by this news. I know though it is for very good reasons and I wish her all the best for a healthy future. This has of course opened a position at Scrapbook Savvy for a new DT member. I have put my name down again, but looking at the list, the competition will be tough and again, I do not envy the decision Miss Savvy Boss, Sarah, will have to make.

If you want to see more check out the forum here.

I think I have updated enough for now. Will be plenty to keep me going until I return (which I promise will be sooner rather than later).

Until then, keep smiling and scrapping - makes for a very happy life!!