Tuesday, September 30, 2008

White with 1 Challenge

I got the photo printed so i can now show off my White with 1 Challenge LO. I really like this one so i will definitely be back to have another go next month.... Thanks Susan.

Going to the Dora the Explorer stage show tomorrow so i will have to make sure i get some good pics... Charlotte is going to be ssssooooo excited.

Short and sweet from me today. Hoping to have more to show off later in the week. See how I go at work!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finished another Challenge + 1

A lovely day spent at Sarah's yesterday had me complete the Challenge for Scrap Divas, and all but finish the White with 1 challenge. I have done the layout, just didnt have the photo printed at the time so need to get that done tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is the Scrap Divas challenge which was Pink, Orange, Brown, Number and Handwriting. It is a photo of my niece Brodee-Leigh on her 7th Birthday. Wouldnt say its one of my better pages, but i am happy with it.....

These challenges are helping so much. I said to DH last night, even if i dont submit them it is giving me some ideas that i may not normally use... I mean i would never think to use just White with Brown?????????????

The next one is the finished product from the Scrap Therapy blind scrap which was held on Wedneeday night. It was fun and i am happy with the end result.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The loss of our precious Austin

Yesterday was not a good day. Wednesday September 24th 2008, was the day we recieved bad news that our puppy dog had died. It was such a shock. He wasnt even 5 years old so it wasnt as if he was old.... He had been off his food for a couple of days but thats about it. Ben came to work to give me the news which was really hard. The hardest part was to come though.... telling our 2 year old and trying to make her understand that he wouldnt be coming home.

Wyland Aussie Idol (Austin) was our first pet. He was the most placid, beautiful dog. He was so loyal and he will be sadly missed by us all. RIP Austin, we love you!

Wednesday night though i was cheered up a bit by joining in ScrapTherapy blind scrap. I was a bit nervous actually like i was sitting for an exam. I think my layout turned out pretty good though and i will post it as soon as i can get a photo of it. I dont think it would be any good taking one until day time. I missed my opportunity cause i went for a walk and it was dark by the time i got in. No worries... will see if i can get anything done tonight.
Leesh xxoo

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend of Scrapping Efforts

Well the weekend started out slow on the scrap front. I was looking forward to heading over to Sarah's for a scrap day, but was feeling under the weather. It was a combination of getting "lurgies" from Ben and Charlotte and a big night the night before...... So instead of spreading my germs, I stayed home and Sar & I made up our own cyber scrap day!!.
Before I could venture into my scrap room though, i had to clean up from the night before... So glad I had my little "Fairy Helper" to lend a hand......

I think I would have done better with some personal inspiration, but I managed to get three layouts done so all in all a sussessful day on my part.

The first one is of Charlotte on her 1st birthday with her new bike. She looks so little on it..... This layout was the Diva September Challange at Scrapbook Divas. I had never submitted a challenge before, but I was happy with the outcome so I submitted it for fun. It had to include Red, Pink, Green & Aqua Blue Colours + Scollops + Ribbon, Lace or fabric + 3D Embellishments

This next one is the 2nd part of the above. I didnt submit it for the challenge, but just used the leftovers to keep the colouring the same. Its Charlotte on the bike again, taking Jed for a ride. Jed was made for her by Zia Leigh before she was born and he has travelled everywhere with her since.

The last one is of my neice Brittany and Charlotte. This was done with the assistance from a sketch from Little Book of Sketches. I tried to use different colours - yellow and purple isnt a combination I use very often.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have scrapped my Girls 1st Birthday

Yes I know, I am 18 months late, but i have finally scrapped Charlotte's 1st birthday. The photo isn't the best cause i took it at night, but it is just to show i am back.... I checked out my gorgeous Sarah's blog and she has inspired me so much. She has so many spectacular layouts so i knew i needed to get my act into gear.... This layout is fairly simple. I used the lilac purple bling cardstock, patterned velum which I bought in a pack from spotlight forever ago (sorry cant remember the brand name), which i cut out using Alphalicious font on the Cricut, and then i stitched it down using my sewing machine. The flowers i bought forever ago also from Scrapbooking Delights, the fibre across the top is a Basic Grey - Romani, and the little blocks arent as clear, but they say FIRST - dont ask me where they came from? They are just these little bead things????????????????

I havent really used anything different in my techniques, i just needed to get something done before i recreate my mojo (as Sar calls it)..... Sar has booked me in (I hope) to the crop night on Friday night so i will need to get myself very organised before then.

I am back at work tomorrow though, so I will see how much time i have during the week... In saying that, Ben is on night shift so this might be a good week to get going. See if my brain is still able to function by the time i get home.

My Sis and Brother-in-law (to be) and nephew (to be) just came to visit. It was great to see them, and now it will be heads down bums up to get other things organised for their upcoming wedding - including me losing the 4 kilos i put on before i went away. It wouldnt be such a big deal but the dresses have arrived and i was 4 kilos lighter when i tried it on so now i need to be able to STILL fit into it.... Oh man!!!!! Its all good.... back to crackers at work for lunch, and lots of water and fruit.... I can do it!!!! I have faith in myself.......aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Charlotte crashed asfter a big day and no sleep, so I will be off to tidy up before I too hit the sack. Hopefully I will be on soon with some more to show.... I also think I will check out the challenge on Scrap the Music cause I think it sounds like fun...

Leesh xxoo

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Monkey has sticky eyes!!

Hello again. This is the second day in a row but i have nothing to show off. I really need to get into my room and get some organisation back. It is pretty much a write off since i was madly finishing my cousins 21st album (which i finished on time by the way), and i havent really been in there since..... Yesterday afternoon Charlotte woke up with a sticky eye so i rang the Drs straight away to see if i could get in and luckily got a 5.20pm appointment.... 7.00pm we got home with a diagnisis of exactly what i thought... conjunctivitis. Oh boy. We have been in the middle of no-where for 6 weeeks, we are home for 2 days and she gets this from somehere.

So today we are in isolation. We were meant to be going to Ben's brothers place for lunch with some other friends, but that isnt happening now... so Ben has gone to fire training and us girls are home alone. Oh well, i know i will spending some time upstairs now..... Sarah is on to me...... She is warming up the whip, i can hear it!!!!
I was also hoping to go and visit a friend and her new baby, but we wont be doing that either. Mikaylah was born yesterday by caesarian - she is the new baby sister to Taylah who is Charlotte's best friend. She hasnt seen her for the 6 weeks we have been away and was so looking forward to going to see her, but we will have to wait til Monday now when she goes to school.....
Ok, the mission will be starting right now.... going to clean up my room.

Leesh xoo

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Returning from a very long stint..... Slack i know!!

I am returning thanks to my bf Sarah. She asked me what my blog address was and you know i couldnt tell her.... I couldnt even remember my log on so i have reset and all is good.... so.... I'm back!!!!! Just as well too since my last log on was November 2007.... could it have been that long ago? Maybe so........... Oh boy.....

I havent dont much in the way of scrapping. Its too hard when you are in the middle of Central Australia which is where i have been for the past 6 weeks. It was very good and i enjoyed it but i am so glad to be home. When we travelled to Cape York a few years back the 4 weeks we were away was the longest i had been away from home, and now this was the longest..... Charlotte did really well though. She got a bit home sick but thats understandable. She didnt understand that she couldnt just go over to her friends place whenever she felt like it.

we ended up doing about 11,000 km all up... saw some iteresting things - some with very different lifestyles.... Well best be off. I would like to do some scrapping before i get 10 years behind, but i have a scrap room to clean up before then.... Leesh