Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

And I am in a very good place. Spent a fantastic night last night at Daniel & Sarah's place. Great laughs, water fights, soaking wet kids and plenty of the bubbles to go around....alcohol bubbles that is (just to clarify to those who are still waking up!!).

Sara asked the other day on the Scrapbook Savvy Forum if anyone had a "word" for the year. I decided my word would be "Organisation". Organisation of my mind, body, house, know what its like! I did try this in 2010, but it all seemed to come in spurts. I got everything under control, but then I let things slip so it took me a while to get it all back again.....

So, day 1 of Organistion 2011.....

Show you all the 1st fantastic sketch for the year over at STUCK?! Sketches; I will admit this one stumped me a bit - not sure why...perhaps due to its simplicity?? I am not sure, but whatever the reason I am pleased with the outcome in the end as I am sure you will agree when you check out the STUCK?! blog showcasing so many versions of the sketch.

Here is the sketch:

And her is my take:

Our very excited girls doing their bit to cheer on the St George Illawarra Dragons during the 2010 NRL Grandfinal. Of course they won - could it have anything to do with the "Jnr Cheer Squad?"

You have probably been asked this already, but is there a New Years Resolution for 2011? I dont really have one - I never seem to keep them anyway.... what about a scrapping challenge?

Last year was the 52 Weeks of Me. I have not yet finished it, but I am determined to do so in the next couple of weeks. Sar managed to get hers done, and I am very proud of her - the album looks awesome.

I was wondering whether a "food" diary would work? I am always looking for new ideas to feed the family, and I was given a couple of new cook books for christmas to add to my collection which I love. If I could aim for 1 new dish a week - whether it be a main meal, dessert, even just for a treat?

This morning we had Dutch Pancakes. Ben got a machine for Christmas from his "secret santa" so he tried it out this morning. They were yummy, and yes I took photos!!!

OK, thats it.... 52 new recipes for 2011. Thats my aim..... See how it works out!!!

Best be off to continue "organising" the toys these kids got for christmas - I need to find new homes for them all so we can have our pool table back.

BUT, OMG.....just while I was sitting here typing this post, look what Oliver did.....

Well, thats about it from me. Will come back later and post some pics from last night and a few more scrap pages I did last week at Scrapbook Savvy Crop.

Hope your first day of 2011 is a fantastic one - thinking we will need to be getting in the pool soon. Cant waste this gorgeous summer weather!!

Until next time

Leesh xx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas with a Sketch

A STUCK?! SKetch that is..... the very last one for 2010. I have to say the sketches which are designed by the very talented Sara, ahve gotten better as the year has gone on. I hope you would agree....I know this time is extremely busy, but you wont be disappointed if you were to win one of the fabulous prizes on offer, by simply submitting your take on the following sketch:

My take on this one was actually another page for my 52 Weeks of Me Album (which is so far behind oopsie!!). The size is 8.5 x 11 and if you look really closely, you will notice its actually a LO of a LO I did the month I won DT over the month over at Scrapbook Savvy. I also used the same papers from the He's Savvy Kit to complete the LO.

And here it is....

This has been, and will continue to be a very big week.... The lead up to Christmas is a busy yet exciting time. I will spend this time with the most important people in my life - my family and friends, and it makes me so happy to know I have them around.

Oliver is being very misheivious, trying to pull the decorations off the tree and he has even tried to open one of the presents under the tree. Surprisingly, he is learning the word "NO" very quickly...... Now that he can crawl, I guess he has other exciting things to explore.

Well, this may be my last post before Christmas, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my blogger/STUCK?! Sketches/facebook/forum friends a wonderful Merry Christmas and all the very best for a safe and Prosperous New Year. I look forward to continuing the "time" we spend together in 2011.

Love to you all, and Happy Scrapping.

Leesh xx

Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Tis the Silly Season Allright!!!!!

Yep it sure is.... December is here, and so are the crazy people, impatient people, just plain rude people.... Why is this so? Is it really that stressful shopping for Christmas? I always get stuck on one or two people, but its Christmas. Its the thougght that counts, so lets think about what Christmas REALLY means and be happy for what we have and who we are!!!!

Speaking of being "stuck"....I so need to share 1st December's STUCK?! Sketch with you. I have to say this one is on the top of the list for my faves for the year:

And here is my sample.

Paid a visit to Santa yesterday with the kids. I didnt think anything of it, but when we got there and started to walk up to the big fat fella, Oliver started to make a funny face....which turned into him being less than impressed and crying. We tried to give him his "doggy" which he pushed away, and even gave him his dummy, but he cried under it anyway..... We were laughing which sounds so mean and cruel, but you have to capture every aspect of your childs life, not just the happy smily ones - so here it is:

So being the end of the year, everything is finishing up. Charlotte has finished pre-school before starting big school next year, dancing has finished - with only a couple more swimming lessons still to go. I just cant believe how quick the year has gone, and next week I return to work after more than 12 months maternity leave. Its certainly going to be weird going back, but I am sure I will be fine once I get there and get back into it. I was hoping to be super organised before I went back, but with the past few weeks, this has just been unachievable. I have so much ironing to catch up on, the general keeping of the house etc...not to mention trying to keep up with the washing in this rediculous rainy weather.....Oh well, I can only do so much, but will be working on it over the weekend thats for sure.

Tonight however, I am off to Scrapbook Savvy Christmas Crop. I havent been able to get to a Friday night crop for quite a while due to Ben's shift changes, so I am looking forward to it thats for sure.

And in case you missed it, Scrapbook Savvy Cybercrop last weekend was "Pre-Christmas" theme, with the idea being to scrap last years (or previous if you are slack like me) Christmas photos before we go and take more for 2010. I am very pleased to say I managed to complete all 4 challenges and I love them all... Here they are:

Kerryn's Challenge - to create a LO using a Christmas Song as the title, including stars/circles/and glitter

Anthea's Challenge - Colour Inspiration + use 2 or more photos:

Sar's Blind Scrap (I love it....)

And finally Sara's Challenge - creating a christmas LO using "Non Christmas PP's"....this took some thinking, but again I love how it turned out.

Well, best be heading off....I have booked my kids in for make-up swimming lessons this morning and they are both tucked up sound asleep in bed, maybe I should cancel the lessons and go back to bed myself!!!! Na, just kidding.

Stay safe everyone, and venture back soon

Leesh xx

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Me is Bad......

Slack in blogging the awesome November 15 sketch for STUCK?! Things have been rather hectic of late, but better late than never, and not too late for you to submit your take. Like always there are some fabulous prizes on offer.

Here is the sketch:

And here is my take using the November We're Savvy Kit:

Like always, the CT have done an amazing job of this, so if you need some more ideas, head on over here.

Take care

Leesh xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Its been Hectic.....

To say the least......

I have been doing minimal scrapping, just trying to catch up on things lacking in the household - just feeling overwhelmed, but things are getting better!!!

Last weekend, spent an AWESOME weekend in Branxton at the Scrapbooking From Scratch Annual Retreat. Met up with some wonderful, ladies - some of which I have met before, others new faces.......and oh boy were there some laughs!!! I dont think I have laughed that hard in a very long time. Thank you SO much to each and every one of you - especially the gorgeous Miss Peta, cant wait til next year!!!

SO, I bet you're wondering where all my LO's are from the weekend? I managed 23 in total but since the weather hasnt been the best since I returned, I havent managed to photogaph them, but will so as soon as possible.

In the meantime - let me share STUCK?! Sketches November 1st Sketch.

I will be completely honest, this one threw me a bit, but I like how it eventually turned out.

Check out the blog for the rest of the awesome CT submissions.

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day. Spent the day with my beautiful girls Sar, Linda & Donna... Although the weather wasnt the best, it didnt let it "dampen" our day and we had an absolute ball. Lets see if I can get some of the pics off facebook that we took......

Look at these beautiful girls - Donna & Sarah....

We scrubbed up alright I think - Me & Linda

And of course my baby girl Charlotte couldnt go out for lunch with her Daddy without her very own fascinator :)

So you can see by my huge post, I have been really busy - and there is more to come in the next few weeks with Miss Sarah's 30th Birthday, Ben's birthday, My Little Sis Dannii also turning 30, Oliver's 1st birthday, Charlotte's first ever dance concert....and I havent even mentioned going back to work and Christmas (phew) I am just tired thinking about it.

Well, on that note, I am heading off here to get my kids into bed so I can tidy up and hopefully put my feet up for a little while before bed.

Here's hoping everyone is well

Leesh xx

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mid Month...allot to share

Its mid month...OMG!!! Middle of October which leaves just 10 weeks til Christmas -----> oops, was that a bad thing to say!!!

Allot has happened this week and so much more to come next week - so lets get started with this:

October 15th STUCK?! Sketch reveal.

And here is my take (I flipped it to vertical)

I have been scrapping heaps - mostly just here on my own, but also managed to make it to a couple of Scrapbook Savvy Crop days, but will have to show these another time when I am able to photograph them properly without too much cloud, wind and rain.....BUT, speaking of Scrapbook Savvy ----------->

Join us for our yearly PINK RIBBON CYBERCROP as we at Scrapbook Savvy endeavour to raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council! Starting 15 October with our deadline midnight Thursday 21 October.

See you in the forum

Well, time to pick up my little monkey from pre-school so she can get ready for her little friends' dance party tonight....too cute.

Until next time when I can reveal all my new pages

Leesh xx

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pink Ribbon Sale @ Savvy

To celebrate Pink Ribbon @ Scrapbook Savvy and our annual Savvy Delights Pink Ribbon Crop being held this Saturday, Scrapbook Savvy is having a sale!!

There is now 20% off STOREWIDE until midnight next Thursday 21 October 2010 (excluding brand new stock uploaded after sale start, Savvy kits, albums & storage).

I AM ALSO DONATING 5% OF ALL TAKINGS UNTIL SALE END TO PINK RIBBON!! So do your bit, and support a worthy cause!!

No free shipping and no coupons during sale period.

Visit the store here

Happy shopping!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wow...SFS have done it again.....

With this stunning Designer Kit for October.

I was too slow off the mark as they all sold out really quickly....But its any wonder with what Miss Sara came up with as Designer of the Month. Check out her gorgeous work here and here

I am sure Peta is planning on re-ordering for those who are keen..... Go check out SFS Website.

I have been busy this morning with 5 little cherubs in my care, so only a short post today. I have updated my 52 Weeks of Me album so will be able to share when there is a little quiet in the house (maybe tonight if I am lucky!!!). No seriously, I have no regrets at all, these kids are just the best and I love em dearly. They are getting on so well, and as soon as the littlest cherub wakes up we are going to head off to the park....Oh, sounds like him now.

Until next time, happy scrapping

Leesh xx

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Challenges, Challenges everywhere......

Come and see what I have in stall for you today-------------------->

First up we have OCTOBER 1st over at STUCK?!.....yes thats right OCTOBER....where on earth has this year gone? Its unbelievable - but check this out:

STUCK?! this month decided to debut the size of 8.5 x 11 which is becoming very popular. We saw two new CT members joining the team and some awesome (yet again) takes on this sketch.

Because I am still doing my 52 Weeks of Me album, I decided to take advantage of the 8.5 x 11 and here is my take:

Check out the rest of the CT work and you will notice this sketch has been portrayed in 8.5 x 11 aswell as 12x12 and in so many different ways. Remember, you have until October 31st to submit your entries...and make sure you come back to see the 2nd sketch on October 15th.

Now for another sketch of a different kind - Its Anthea's Sketch over at Scrapbook Savvy

I will certainly be giving this one a go for sure!!!

I am off shopping now to fill up my daughters wardrobe. She has just shot up and slacko Mum here hasnt really kept up with her very well - hopefully I can fix that minor problem today.

Until next time - happy Scrapping

Leesh xx

New Month Approaching......

Yep...tomorrow....tomorrow is the 1st of October - I cant believe it. Where has this year gone? Soon enough I will be organising my baby boys 1st birthday OMG!!! I dont want to even think about that just yet please!!!

Today Hubby kept the kids for me so I could go to Scrapbook Savvy Crop day kids....yep, kid free..... I managed to complete 6 LO's which is fantastic. I havent taken photos of them yet as the good light had gone by the time I got home. I can show this one, which is the September Sketch over at Scrapbook Savvy. You only have a few hours to get this done - or just do it for the sake of it.

Antheas Sketch:

And my take on it - Charlotte, Georgia & Bronte @ Coopers football game.

Cant wait til tomorrow to see what is in stall for October -------> and speaking of which.....check out these sneaks for the Scrapbook Savvy October Kits:

We're Savvy - some Crate Paper Snow Day, Echo Park and lots of other bits, another bright & funky We're Savvy coming into Summer

She's Savvy - based around the brand new Sass Lass Count Me In & Teresa Collins Freestyle

He's Savvy - based around the awesome Bo Bunny Whooligans range together with the Girls Paperie Toil & Trouble

What do you think?? Nice? You will heave to head over here to get yours or arrange a sub so you dont miss out.

Come back tomorrow to see whats waiting for Octobers challenges..... Should be a good one. Til then, I'm off to bed.

Leesh xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

The annual Scrapbook Savvy & Scrapbooking Delights Pink Ribbon Fundraiser is now booked!

Venue: Wests Illawarra
Date: Saturday 16th October 2010
Time: 3pm till midnight
Cost: $25 per head

Includes a full afternoon/night of scrapbooking, prizes, challenges and more! Raise money for the Cancer Council and have an awesome time with friends and fellow scrapbookers.

Dinner will be at your own cost from the Club's facilities.

Limit of 40 people.

Reserve your spot now! Put your name on the list in the forum and pay cash to either Sar or Sandra as soon as possible to secure your place!

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scrapbook Savvy September Cybercrop.....



Thats right, this weekend is 1 year exactly until the 2011 Savvy Delights Retreat booked for the weekend of 16-18 September 2011.

Stay tuned for further info including registration, xmas club payment options, and a BIG SURPRISE regarding our retreat all the usual fun of a cybercrop - challenges, bingo, prizes & more!

Starting Friday night 17 September 2010 in the forum

See you there!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 15th Has Arrived......

Hi Again,

I have been a little quiet lately, but I have scrapped about 9 LO's this month now, so I think my mojo has returned and I am ready an raring to go. I only have 1 LO to show this time and it is once again a fab LO from STUCK?!

Check it out:

And this is my take.....

Its amazing how this one sketch can be interpreted so many different ways - to see more, check out the LO's from the other awesome STUCK?! CT girls.

While you're there, if you scrap in 8.5x11 size - an additional CT call is happening now - check out the details HERE

I am writing this post from our little mini get away in Milton. I will have more pics later, but for now this is all I have.

We will be leaving soon to head home before picking up our new car...woohoo!!! Its gonna be so good having 2 cars again!!

Until next time

xx Leesh xx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More 52 Weeks....

Well, September is well and truly on its way...I mean its the 10th today already. I have been very drained and therfore very lacking in my scrapping mojo and havent done any LO's since returning from retreat. I did manage however to attend the Scrapbook Savvy Crop day last Tuesday and I think there was a vibe in the room...Cause I managed to complete 3 LO's and almost a fourth (I forgot to take my bag of Thickers - der me, so I couldnt title it...)

Now I am only able to share 2 of them today which are 2 more for my 52 Weeks of Me album. I am still behind, but catching up slowly!!! I intend to be caught up before the end of the year LOL....

So here we go:

Week 16 - Time to Relax

Week 20 - Love Cuddles

And just to finish off, couldnt resist showing you this photo of Oliver - he is such a cool dude!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung......

I am so very excited that Spring has finally arrived. I was really over the whole winter feeling - not wanting to get out of bed, lack of probably know what I mean.

Unfortunately I have been lacking in allot of motivation for the last 2 weeks since returning from retreat, and my MOJO is goooooonnnne!!!!! Nowhere to be found. Sunday night when I returned my neighbour got some bad news that her 11 year old dog was really sick, then Charlotte was hit with the dreaded tummy bug, Oliver decided sleep was no longer his thing, so basically I dont think I have really caught up - then of course Oliver gets the bug, followed by me, and after 4 days, I still feel blah!!!!

Trying hard to get my focus back, just taking one step at a time. Today I am on a mission to regain my bedroom today (has turned into a dumping zone) so I am hoping my mojo has been dumped there too LOL!!!!

Now, enough of that - I do have some GOOD news.... The GOOD news is *insert drum roll here*...... STUCK?! Sketches have a new and (once again) awesome sketch.

Here it is:

And here is my take:

I loved doing this why dont you have a go also. There are some awesome sponsors this month including:

Now, dont forget the birthday bonus, aswell as the blog hop mystery word competition is open until 10th September, so there is still time to get your entries in.

Good luck to everyone this month, and look forward to seeing your work in the gallery xx

Leesh xx

Sunday, August 22, 2010

And it ALL continues

The hectic schedule that is.....

Clean up from Oliver's Christening, followed by packing and getting semi-organised for the Scrapbook Savvy/Scrapbooking Delights Retreat. And WOW, what a weekend it was.... I met up with people I alreay knew, and met some on-line friends in real life. I think that was the highlight of the weekend, because the girls were just awesome....check out all the chicky babes xx. I just wish we could have spent some more time with them, but there is always next year!! (oh, thanks for letting me pinch the photo PJ!!)

I will show off some of the LO's I completed which was a total of 13 LO's, 1 card and 1 OTP (mini album). I so missed my family though, but it was so nice to be greeted when I got home with big hugs - it just makes it all worth while xx

So, here we go:

Week 32 of my 52 Weeks album - The 4 of us at Libby's 21st birthday (its actually also the header to my blog!!)

Wek 18 of my 52 Weeks album - the night of and the night after my birthday (yes I had 2 cakes)

Week 13 of my 52 weeks album - Oliver and I enjoying some laughs

My "B" page for Kerryn's ABC Challenge over at Savvy. It a recent photo of Ben.

Oliver and his favourite Doggy - using the Basic Grey Oliver range and totally scraplifted from the gorgeous PJ (thanks babe xx)

Using the challenge kit given to us in our goodie bag at retreat, I came up with this.....and I was voted as the winner - how awesome is that, so thanks to everyone who voted for me woohoo!!! Its a pic of my gorgeous nephew Josiah....maybe it was the photo that won it for me cause he is pretty cute xx

This is my take on the August Sketch over at SFS. Its Oliver and I waiting for the Tiger show at Dreamworld QLD.

And this is my card. I quite like it, but the other talent on the cards was amazing.

Using some leftovers from a previous She's Savvy Kit, this is my "C" for Kerryn's ABC challenge. Requirements are cutting and chipboard.

Using last months She's Savvy Kit, this LO is of Sarah & PJ - 2 people who Inspire me...

Do you think I like the Basic Grey Oliver range? I have used it again here for this LO which is the Anthea's August Sketch over at Savvy - my nephew Josiah's Baptism.

Charlotte in the Botanical Garden park last week - this is Inspired Blueprints #54 and using August She's Savvy Kit.

2 gorgeous boys - Jared & Mason.

And last but not least, this is the LO completed by Renee in the SNAP challenge at retreat. I gave Renee this photo and she scrapped a LO for me while I also completed a LO for her using photos of her boys on Christmas morning. This is so cute, thanks Renee xx

Thanks for much to Sarah and Sandra for organising it all, and to all the girls who came along and made it just a fun weekend. Cant wait til next year xx