Friday, March 27, 2009

Jared coming to Visit....

Well, its Saturday afternoon and Jared is coming to visit soon for a sleep over, so thought I would get it and post something before my cruisy saturday turns hectic!! I have managed 21 LO's for March and yes that means I am now 7 LO's behind...hhhmmmm... I do still have a few more days, I will attempt to get some more done, but in the meantime here is what I have to show....

1st one is Sar's March sketch over at Mystical. She did really well considering it was her first sketch. Here is my take:

Its actually her and Cooper at my 30th birthday. I just love how they were being so happy naturally and not really posing.... Gorgeous.

This next one is a just because, but is a Pencillines Sketch from the archives:

Its Charlotte the first time she had 2 minute noodles. She just loved them.

And, not sure if I am allowed to post this yet, but since I have submitted it and voting will start in only a few hours, I thought it wouldnt be such a big deal. So here is my Week 4 Mystical, China Challenge. We had to use A big photo, Numbers and Bling... I have all that, now I just need the votes to stay in the race!!!!

Well, thats about it for me. I start a new position at work on MOnday so that will be interesting. Its only temporary but its manageing a whole department on my own. I have done it before, but I feel as though this will be more challenging.....wish me luck!!!!

Alicia xxoo

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The end of another hectic week.

Well it has been another very hectic week, at home, work and socially. Work... I wont bore you with it, but I will bore you with my scrapping, my crop night, and of course my great costume making!!!!

My day on Friday started out, that I wouldnt actually be able to go as my lil-sis Bree who is my Friday night babysitter was sick, so thought it was best she went home to rest.....I rang the shop to cancel, and then Sarah offered for her husband Daniel to mind Charlotte so I could go, but my little monkey, plus their own 3... didnt think it was really fair on him... And then Bree turned up... yippee!! I ended up being a little bit late though, cause me being the organised person I am, thought on the eve of Bailey's dress up party, I really should organise the costumes...oops!!!
Then as I was about to pack my stuff in the car, my neighbour (Kindra's husband) came over to see if I wanted to send Charlotte to their place so I could go scrapping... how nice was he... Kindra was already at the shop and she didnt know he had offered, which made it even nicer that he thought of me like that. Thanks Jared!!

So what I managed to get done at the Scrapbooking Delights crop night was the following:
Priority of course was the complete week 3 for amazing race over at Mystical. I liked how it turned out, just hope others do too to vote for me to stay in the race....

Thanks to Sarah too for actually sending my LO in for the gallery otherwise I wouldnt have got it in in time... Thanks, babe... I actually pinched this photo from the gallery!!!

The next 2 are both sketches from Pencillines. They were in the archive section, and think they are both pretty good. They are fairly simple sketches, which I think sometimes is good especially when the photos are cute already!!!

And here are some pics from the party yesterday. It was very funny cause when I was getting the photos' Bailey was saying "cheese" and smiling.... behind his mask!!!! Funny kid.... Can you believe he is only 2 weeks off being a whole year older than Charlotte... he is just so tiny!!

And this is my little Jessie....

And Bree was the Slinky Dog.... but unfortunately the slinky part didnt travel very well!!! oops....

I didnt get many photos unfortunately either as the battery on my camera died early into the day which is always the way isnt it... but at least I got the ones I did.

Well, since today is 22nd March, I have done 18 LO's, which is 4 behind my goal... Bette try and get some more done tonight. Will see how I go....

Until I have more to show

Leesh xxoo

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back again...

I was running behind on my March self challenge, so I made sure I did another LO last night while Ben watched Underbelly on tele. Well, what turned out in the end was a double LO which is quite rare for me lately.... I cheated a bit... Oh ok, allot and scrap lifted from Sarah, but I just LOVED her Eore page and thought I could make this one just as cute... and to be honest, I think it turned out quite cute. I do like it. Here tis, my baby girl opening the huge 1kg easter egg.

I am a sucker for Red Tulip and since Easter in the only real time you can get it, I make the most of it.

This is a close up of the gorgeous Easter Bunny which I picked up the other day from my LSS Scrapbooking Delights. Its a Meri Meri Accent. I just couldnt leave it on the shelf, it had my name written all over it.... you can see why cant you?

And another funny photo from home. Yesterday afternoon, Charlotte decided to hold a birthday party for her little dolly "Bindi". She called her Bindi cause we said it looked like Bob Irwin, but then she started calling her Bindi. So anyway, here she is, cups lined up for her little dolly friends, and they all had party hats on. She carried on the party later by including natkums (napkins, but thats what Charlotte calls them), and she used the cake tin as a pretend cake. Her imagination is just beautiful.

Thats all from me. I had a lovely visit to Sarah's again today and hoping I came away with some inspiration for the rest of the week to complete some more LO's.

Leesh xxoo

I made it through....

YAY... I made it through to Week 3 over at Mystical.... boy its gonna get harder now to keep up with the talent over there, but I can only do my best!!!

This week we are heading off to Egypt, so we need to use outside beach/pool photos and use red to resemble to hot climate of Egypt...hhhmmmm... See how we go....

Leesh xxoo

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ready for a New Week.... Amazing Race Week 2 - Votes are in....

The votes are in over at Mystical, and we will find out tomorrow morning who will be eliminated, and who will be going through to Round 3.... Fingers crossed. Since the votes are all in, I can show my LO for Week 2 which was Greenland - White with Brown.

These next 2 LO's were just because ones.... No submissions to any forum, sketch site, just my album!!!

LO # 1 is actually a scraplift from me new found blog friend Tiff. She does some awsome layouts, and I loved her version of this one, so thought I would give it a go... Thanks Tiff xx

LO # 2, was one I made up myself... yes thats right... its been a while, but I had to try and find my own mojo. I like how it turned out. The photo isnt the best as I took it at night and is a bit shadowed, but I just wanted to get it on before my hectic working week starts all over again.

So thats it... Up to 13 LO's so only a little bit behind my March goal, but since its only half way through, I have some opportunity to catch up.

Today, I went shopping to Spotlight for items to make Charlotte a Jessie outfit to wear to my nephew Bailey's 4th birthday next Saturday. Jessie is the Cowgirl on Toy Story 2 and Charlotte just loves her... Will show off my creation once its finished Wish me luck!!!

Managed to also fit a visit to my beautiful Godchildren today when I popped into Sarah's place....I didnt do any scrapping, which was lucky as there wasn't much room left on the table for me!!!

Until I manage to get back

Alicia xxoo

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Weekend has Arrived

Well its the weekend, the Mystical Scrapbooking challenge deadline is 6.00pm tonight for week 2 and I havent started it... I just have had such a hectic week with Charlotte's birthday, work and still feeling under the weather.... the week has just disapeared... I am heading down to my LSS Scrapbooking Delights to get me some brown PP cause I have so much white here.... just no browns!!!

Speaking of Mystical... I havent shown off my Week 1 LO yet oops... so here it is.

I was pretty stoked I got through to round 2, thought I would be eliminated the first week....

This next LO is an old Pagemaps again... I love the archive section of this site. And I am liking how the LO finally turned out also.

So this makes it 10 LO's for March so far which means I am now 3 LO's behind... better get cracking on my self challenge or I will do what Hayley did and not complete the challenge.... ha ha, she challenged herself not to buy anything for the month of March in the way of scrapping stuff.... but on day 12, she forgot and bought stuff. Was only adhesives, but still. Way to go Hayley he he!!!

I mentioned Charlotte's 3rd birthday was on this week. Her are a few pics from the day... I didnt get a decent over shot of the cake in which Ben made btw, but I hope you can see it from these pics. It was Little Miss Sunshine this year. He did really well I think....

The other little girl in the pic is not my long lost "other daughter", it is Charlotte's best friend Taylah.... There was no moving her from Charlotte for the photo!!!

We gave Charlotte our presents in the morning of her birthday, and as you can see she was pretty impressed..... She so loves her Daddy!!!

Here are the lolly bags which I made from envelopes... I learnt this at a Stampin Up Demonstration with Vanessa Webb. They are called "Bagelopes". Cute ha!

And this is my beautiful Goddaughter Bronte, at the park playing peek-a-boo on the equipment... this baby girl is just too cute!!

These last photos are from Sunday night when we went bowling for my neice Brodee-Leigh's birthday. This was Charlotte's first time at bowling and she just loved it... She cheered herself and everyone else on all night. Its a wonder she still had a voice left from all her cheering. Funny girl... Check out the Toyota Jump!!!

Well thats all from me for today. Good luck to everyone for this week at Mystical. I best be getting some browns to get this LO done before the deadline....

Until next time


Saturday, March 7, 2009

We're Rollin' Well for March.....

Well it is now the 8th March and I am currently up to date with my "self challenge" for March (1 LO per day....). I have kinda cheated cause I did a couple yesterday, but that will make up for not being able to do any during the week with me starting 4-day working week and of course Charlotte's birthday coming up on Tuesday..... So while I am on fire, lets see what I have to show off....

This one was a scraplift from Miss Emma. I loved the way she did the ribbons on her LO so i used this idea in my own. It isnt exactly the same as she only used 2 photos, I have 3, but the concept is the same... especially the ribbons.

This next one is one of my own, but is for the Color Combos which for this week is this:

And here is my LO... I am hoping I managed to get the colours right. Its hard sometimes being on the computer, whether the real life colours are the same....

The last LO is the Blind Challenge from Scrap Therapy which was done on 25th Feb. I missed it, but printed the instructions and have finally managed to do it. The papers used were from the month challenge kit at Scrapbooking Delights, but again I missed that deadline so just used it as I pleased....

I am going to try and head over to Sarah's today for some more scrapping, but not sure if I will get a chance. Because I am working tomorrow, I want to get the majority of Charlotte's party stuff done today before going to a bowling party for my niece's birthday.... boy it never ends does it... busy busy busy. I am still not feeling 100% either so its gonna take longer for me to do the stuff i need to do.....

I will leave you with a couple of pics from yesterday. I could hear Charlotte playing her guitar in the other room, and when I went in to see what she was doing this is what I found.....

Just like her Daddy does... she was sitting on his guitar stool, and pretended to sing into the microphone (she was singing, the microphone just wasnt on...) How gorgeous is this kid.

Well, I'm off to hopefully finish another LO before the end of the day... in between everything else I have to do that is....

Until then, Hope you are all well, and enjoy your new week.

Leesh xxoo

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lurgies are still hanging around....

Well I still pretty much feel like crap, but getting there... Got some "good drugs" on Thursday at the Chemist. The Pharmacist only looked me up and down twice so I guess thats a good sign that he doesnt think I am going to go home and use the Demazin to make even better "drugs"... I wouldnt even know where to start!!!

Attempted to go to work yesterday only to be sent home by my boss after she said IU looked awful (should I take that as a compliment?) So, since I have been home, I have managed more LO's. One I am not allowed to show until after Sunday as its for the Mystical Amazing Race 6 week Challenge. I am happy with how it turned out in the end... I just hope I am not the first the be eliminated, but I know there are sssoooo many more talented scrappers out there than me so.. lets just see where it takes me.

I felt a little bit guilty scrapping while I was home sick .. but what the heck... its done now.

So these ones I CAN show off... the first one is of my gorgeous Georgia and I from Coopers 3rd Birthday at Small Frys. Sarah gave me the photo and I have finally gotten around the scrapping something (or someone) other than Charlotte again... Its a good change. I actually mucked up to start with cause we also went to Small Frys for Georgia's 1st birthday and so the initial journalling was all about her 1st birthday oops!! Not to worry, fixed up in the end, so now here it is. I have used the March Puzzle Sketch for this one.

This next one is actually using the left over photos from the Mystical Amazing Race LO. I got some little pics printed at Big W, thinking I would use them, but in the end the LO didnt allow for them. So, instead of wasting them, I ended up with another LO. This one was my take on PageMaps March 2009.

And this last pic is a show off pic. Charlotte was doing some letters at school the other day and they used these little foam letters. I found some the other day in Big W so I bought her a packet so we could do some letter matching at home. I wrote the words, and spread out some of the letters on the table and she had to find the matching letter and then stuck them on her page. I am very proud of her... she is doing so well considering she only 3 next week. This was all done by herself.

Well fingers crossed I dont get eliminated this week for Mystical, but we will know on Monday morning I guess.... I will be able to show the LO off then too.

Til next time

Leesh xxxoo

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wednesday Lurgies....

Well, Charlotte and I are home from work and school (daycare) today cause we both have a bit of the "lurgies". It isnt too bad, but I think a day of relaxation in our pj's will be a good idea. Ben went off early this morning to his first day of his Undermanagers Course. He was gone when Charlotte woke up so she asked where he was. I told her he had gone to school..... she just laughed and said "Daddy doesnt go to school!". I told her it was work school and that was enough convincing....

So, here we are on day 4 of the month and I have achieved 2 LO's which for me is really good. I am aiming for 1 LO each day. Lets see how i go. I know things are going to pop up during the week where I wont actually get to do the 1, but if i try and then catch up the weekends... Might be achievable (I think).

Here is LO # 1 for March. Its Georgia's Christening from 2007. Once again Ben and I were Godparents, but in this photo, the family has grown slightly from Coopers with the addition of Charlotte and Georgia. Its funny to compare them cause they were taken under the same window....

The LO idea was taken from an old Pagemaps once again... I do like them very much. It gives me a starting point and then I just finish it how I feel at the time.

This next one is Inspired Blueprints #11 which is the first sketch for March. I like how this turned out... actually I like most of my IB sketch LO's....

And this next LO is Charlotte's. She usually cuts paper up and sticks stuff down, but this time she chose a photo.... I let her have the glue, flowers, some scraps and the kidy glitz. She also added her own stickers as you will see at the bottom, they are her new barbie stickers she conned me into buying her at the shops the other day!!!

I will leave you with a photo from yesterday. I had to go and pick my lil Sis up from work in Wollongong, and since Charlotte hadnt had a day sleep, I didnt want to take her as I knew she would fall asleep in the car and that would be her for the night... no dinner, bath etc. SO. I left her with Ben while he was finishing off mowing the lawn. When I got home, they were both in the shed... and this is what Charlotte looked like

And this is only the pic of her face and hands... I didnt photograph her clothes cause they were in the soaking bucket real quick!!! I asked her how she got so dirty and she told me "the shed made me dirty". Yes well, I can see what her and Ben are going to get up to when they have their "daddy days". Best be buying the bulk container of Napisan!!!

Well I am off to watch playschool with Charlotte (her demands). Hopefully I will have more to show off soon. I do actually have 2 half done LO's but am waiting on my order from Mystical so I can finish them off....was in desperate need of flowers, thanks Sar for pointing me in the right direction.

Leesh xxoo