Saturday, February 28, 2009

Made it in Just in time....

I decided at the last minute to do the colour challenge over at Mystical... It was Green, Grey, Pink and White/Cream. I knew I had plenty of Pink, was just the other colours I would struggle with. Well here is what I managed to get done in time at 10.00pm Feb 28......Just before the blackout. Well this wouldnt be such a big deal cause I have a laptop which of course can be used without power BUT, the internet didnt work without power!! So lucky Sara over at Mystical let me submit this morning. Thanks Sara.

It's very "pretty".

Thanks also to Miss Emma who gave me the idea of the big branch with the flower at the top. This girl is amazing, She has had a number of LO's accepted to mags and she is just on fire at the tender age of 13. I showed Ben her blog and he didnt know it was hers.... but thought the LO's were fantastic.

Anyway, here is LO # 11 for the month of Feb 09.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lots to Share....

Well, this is what I consider lots for me!!!

I just spent the last half hour going through my LO's working out dates of the photos from the external hard-drive. For some reason, I didnt put the dates with the photos when they were first printed like I normally do? It may have had something to do with the hassles I had with Rabbit Photo. I finally got my prints and I just wanted to get in and use them. Oh well, its not that big a deal. It just means I can actually start putting them away in my new Print Blocks ring binder album I bought from Scrapbooking Delights last weekend.

First up is a photo of Charlotte who has just discovered Kindy Glitz. She was amused for hours which is good for me cause I got other stuff done.

Next up is tag which was made at Linda's Stampin Up Deomonstration coducted by Vanessa Webb. We had a good night, just would have been nice to get a bit more scrapping done though... Oh well never mind!!! The tag is quite cute i thought.

And this is the card we also made at the demonstration. I think it turned out nicely also and I ended up ordering the stamps we used......

And I was planning on giving it to my sister for her birthday, until just now..... I found Charlotte starting her craft time.... by doing some cutting..... Straight through the side of the card!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH well I guess I need to make a new one now. (I didnt take another photo, I was too devestated, while Charlotte spent some time in "timeout")

This next LO is one I did this morning at a lovely quiet scrap day at Sarah's place. It was a sketch from Feb 2009 Pagemaps... I have just realised as I submit this post though, the question mark (?) has fallen off. It has since been put back on the finish off the question of "What's with that Face?" Its another photo of Charlotte from 2007, and since I scrap in (sort of) date order, I am slowly catching up he he!! I hear you laugh!!!!

This one is of Charlotte when she fell asleep standing up on the lounge. She is just like her Father... can fall asleep just about anywhere!!

This is another Pagemaps Sketch, but I am not sure which one it was. All I know is that it was an older one. AND, I have submitted this without looking at it properly... I didnt journal in the journal block. I didnt have a date last night when I scrapped it, so I left the journalling also. I have since journalled it oops sorry!

And this last one is a LO I completed the other night. Its Stuck Sketch #69, so a little late, but its OK.... I just needed some assistance with this one!! Its a photo of my little sister Shonae (Left) and my neice Brittany-Jo (right) at Windang Beach in 2007. Every time I tried to get a photo of them, they did the stupid "MySpace Face" and I was so over it by the end of the day. This was the best I could get... I kept asking them not to do the MySpace Face!!

So, that's about it for me for today. I had to leave Sarah's to come home and cook dinner before Ben goes back to night shift, but I will try and get at least one more LO done tonight. I managed to reach my goal of 10 12x12 LO's for the month, so I am happy with that, but over 10 would be even better.....

Bye for now.

Leesh xxoo

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend is over....

Well its the beginning of another week... how fast do the weekends go.....

Saturday we went looking at cars and found a few possibles, but we need to go back without our little monkey so we can actually drive some to make a decision.

Saturday night I stayed in and made up some more of Charlotte's birthday invitations. I managed to make up 12 of them but i have to get some more cards to do a couple more (cause the list has gotten a little longer!!). I will be able to do the middle section once we have confirmed the venue, cause i thought it might be easier NOT to have it at home this year... less clean up!!!

So on the scrapping front, I have 1 LO and some embellishment swaps to show. This is the first time i have done both of these so hope they are ok....

Here is the LO, Its the Feb Roadmaps Sketch:

And here is Februarys swap for White with 1... It was orange (in case you didnt know)

I wasnt sure how big, or in what detail so this time i cheated a little bit and cut them on my Cricut from the Storybook Cartridge... Thanks Loz!!

I have signed up for the Mystical 6 week Around the World Challenge which starts next week so I am excited about that one... something different for me.

Oh well, best be off. Hopefully will be able to do some more tonight while Ben is out... BUT my aim is to be able to scrap in my room before then??? Is this possible? I will take a pic when its sorted out.....


Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've Been Nagging Again.....

Well I thought I best be posting my latest LO's since I was nagging again at Sarah.... But then again, I havent done half as many as she has so not as much to show.
Well last night, Charlotte had her little friend Keeley sleeping over while Keeley's parents went to a 60th birthday party, which meant I stayed home and didnt go to Cross Stitch Night (it ended up being cancelled anyway) OR Crop Night. Instead I had a nice quiet night in with Ben and managed 1 LO while we listened to the girls upstairs giggling until 10.30pm.... hence they were both rather tired today!!!!
So here is my LO from last night. Its #10 for Inspired Blueprints. I do like this one... The flowers in the bottom corner are actually stamps from Stampin Up and then i cut them out... quite cute if you ask me....

This is the invitation for Charlotte's 3rd Birthday..... (I am still in denial you know)....

And this is the one and only card I have made for 2009... and it was done at a Stampin Up workshop from last week....

Got some more great news today from my dear Sarah.... she has applied and been accepted (which is no real surprise really) to White with 1 design team. I just wish I had the time she had, but working just seems to get in the way.... but no work, means no $$ for scrap supplies, so there has to be a compromise somewhere.....

Well better get back to it.... I have another 12 or so invites to do..... sigh!!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Opps almost forgot the assignment....

I was tagged for the 1st time by my bf Sar and i almost forgot to keep it going....

The assignment is:

Go to the 6th album of your photos and find the 6th photo.

Share that photo and tell a little bit about it.

Tag six people and ask them to do the same.

So here it is -

I mentioned this in a post a few days ago, but this is the 6th photo in the 6th album on my PC at the moment..... I have so many other photos but they are on my external hard-drive, but since these ones havent been moved over yet i only have 7 albums....oops....

So anyway, this is Charlotte's cow handpuppet which she got from the air stewards on our fight back from New Zealand. The other night she was playing very quietly in her cubby house, and when asked what she was doing she poked her head out and said "my cow has sores!!". She had emptied the packet of bandaids on her cow... It was very impressive how neatly she had positioned them too. She is such a crack up.

So now i will tag 6 people. Here goes...i will tag:






Wet Rainy Saturday...

Its funny isn't it... we complain about the heat, now we finally get some rain and I am over it already. I know we need it, I just have to look at my back lawn to realise the grass is struggling, but it leads to a bored 2 (almost 3) year old.

After watching multiple kids movies, I thought it was a good idea to get the gum boots and rain coats out and go find some puddles. Charlotte thought that was a great idea.... luckily we live in a fairly quiet neighbourhood, cause when we got out there we discovered the only puddles which didnt contain mud were in the gutters. She had a ball before coming inside to prepare dinner for Ben going off to work... yes work on Valentines Day..... he is actually doing an overtime shift. It doesnt really matter cause we dont usually do the whole Valentines thing anyway.

So most of the day, i decided to get a start on a cross stitch for my brother and sis-in-laws expected baby. They are about 10 weeks now and i was so excited when they told me. I already had the pattern, but i went out and bought all the threads needed. I dont think it will take me long to do it, but i dont want to leave it til the last minute like i have done in the past!!!

After dinner, i thought i would change crafts and do some scrapping. I managed to get Feb done in my 2009 mini album which is pretty cool.

Well, Charlotte is in bed, so i will clean up and see if i get anything else done tonight....

Leesh xxoo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Working Day Today

Nothing to show in the way of scrapping, but thats what you get when you have to work i guess. Its getting really hard doing the 3 days, being that it seems nothing is getting done while i am not there.... so come Wednesday, i am catching up from the Friday before. Not happy Jan!! Oh well i did a heap of stuff today so i am hoping to shut my door and not have anyone annoy me tomorrow... thats the plan anyway!!

So Ben has gone to work, Charlotte is in bed (hopefully asleep) and i am packing up my scrap stuff. My cleaner comes tomorrow and i dont like to have stuff sprawled everywhere like i have at the moment. She is here to clean my house, not clean up my crap.

Ben is at meeting tomorrow night so it will just be me and Charlotte again so i am hoping for some scrap time after dinner - but will have to see how i go.

Oh well, best be off. House is on and i think i am in need of an early night.

Leesh xxoo

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On a roll!!!

Ben only has 2 more nights left and it will be the beginning of my working week tomorrow. So to make sure i get my "quota" done for the week, i made sure i made the effort and got another LO done today. Sophie came down for a play but unfortunately after a very big morning, i had to put Charlotte to bed for her afternoon sleep, so i made the most of having a very quiet house and completed the following:This photo is of Charlotte & my niece Katie. These 2 are only 6 weeks an 6 days apart... too cute. Believe it or not, i have only used 1 piece of cardstock and 1 piece of PP here. The PP is from Scenic Route company and named "Charlotte". How approriate.

Oh, i must show a couple of pics of Charlotte from tonight. She was playing quietly in her little Dora tent, but i thought she was being a little TOO quiet!!! I asked her what she was doing and the response i got was this:
She had emptied a packet of bandaids because her cow hand puppet had sores on him... I couldnt help but laugh, and of course had to take a photo..... Too funny!!!

She is just gorgeous!!!!
She had a great day at Gymnastics this morning, and was commended for her improvement from one of the swimming Mums. She has just come such a long way lately. Its as if something inside her has just clicked.... she is doing so well!!!
Got bags to pack and lunches to make, so best be off. Lets see what tomorrow brings!!!!!
Leesh xxoo

Monday, February 9, 2009

9th Day of the Month... Going well

Well it seems February might just be a good month for me on the Scrapping front... Even though Charlotte didnt have a sleep this afternoon, I did manage to get myself organised and complete 2 layouts. The first one is a 'just because" of my best friends Sarah & Linda. This photo was taken at my 30th birthday.... how gorgeous are these girls.... both of who had only a few months earlier had given birth to 2 gorgeous children (Georgia & Jared).

The 2nd is my take of the IB #9 sketch. I had to flip the sketch due to not having any portrait photos, but i think it turned out well... infact i like it. I have done well this time!!!

So tomorrow we have a busy morning. Charlotte enjoyed gymnastics last week and is keen to go again, but then we have to go straight to swimming lessons. Its a rush to do both, but it wont be long before she turns 3 (i am so in denial....) and since her swimming class will change, we thought it best just to stick it out until we know what time her new lessons will be.

Next week Ben will actually be able to come and watch her as he will have started his weekend work by then. I will also be able to get some pics then too since we will both be there.

Watching Brothers & Sisters which will be finished soon, so best be cleaning up the kitchen from dinner and my scrapping.

Fingers crossed for more tomorrow!!!

Leesh xxoo

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Nightshift!!!

The weekend is over, and Ben is off to nightshift for yet another week. Today was our last weekend together before he starts weekend work so we decided to spend the day together as a family....which meant no scrapping for me today!!

BUT... I did manage to finally get to Crop Night at Scrapbooking Delights on Friday night. I finished 3 layouts and the 4th requires a title so not quite ready. I wanted to use my Cricut cause i knew I could work the exact size needed... will get to that as soon as Charlotte is in bed.

So, here they are:
The first one is an Inspired Blueprints sketch from last year (December i think). It was during the time my computer was in getting fixed and my old PC didnt upload pics so Sarah did it for me (thanks babe), and has finally given it back to me.
I love this page, and i look back on this and see how much Charlotte still LOVES that little guitar which was a 1st birthday present from Marissa, Gordon & Keeley. Now when Ben gets his guitar out, Charlotte goes and grabs hers aswell as her Simpsons "pickle" (pick) to join him. She plays Bah Bah Blacksheep....too cute!!
The White with 1 challenge for February was white with white and to be honest at first i thought this was completely nuts..... But after seeing a few of the other LO's submitted, and giving it a go i thought it was a great idea... Certainly nothing i would have thought of. Once again, this is a photo from 2007 (yes i am that far behind) of Ben and Charlotte very comfortable on the lounge on a hot day..... too cute to miss a photo opportunity.

And this last one was a "just because" LO... yes believe it or not, i actually thought of this one myself.... OK i will admit, it was originally meant to be last months Inspired sketch, but no-one had a copy of it on Friday night so i made something of it myself!!! These photos crack me up every time i see them. Charlotte had an absolute ball this day helping Ben wash the car. I think she had more water in her shoes and on her clothes than what was put on the car!!!Last night Ben and I went to Ben cousin "Ketto's" 21st birthday. It was dress up and the theme was Hollywood. It was just fantastic seeing what people turned up dressed in.... there were only 3 double up costumes which out of 100 people was pretty good. So i dressed up a Vivienne Ward from Pretty Women. I originally thought of going as Vivienne BEFORE she met the rich guy (sorry cant think of his name right now...) but Ben's reaction wasnt the best, so i went for the Red Dress. So thanks to Sarah for the loan of the dress and Linda for the loan of the gloves, this is what i came up with (sorry no full shots).

Give you a clue for what Ben dressed up as.... "Oh Groovy Baby", "Will we shag now or shag later!"... yes thats right, Austin Powers. He was so good at it too. Its scary how well he portrayed the character.... right down to the horrible teeth!! This photo is of Ben and his cousin Yaya (Talia)... Ben took these photos, but Yaya was laughing too much.... he was such a crack up! Oh Yaya was Lara Croft from Tomb Raider btw.
These photos was taken later in the night without the teeth... i just couldnt look at them anymore!!!
I have just put Charlotte to bed and realised it is now puring with rain.... Fingers crossed it stays here for a while and also heads down south to Victoria. The devastation is just horrific, i just cant fathem what those people must be gogn through. The last newsflash was 63 people confirmed dead.... its just terrible.
Might try and get a LO done before i go to bed. Good luck to me!!!
Before i head off, i would like to add a huge congratualtions to my bf Sarah and her nieve Emma who have had some great success lately with having LO's accepted for publication in Mags. They are just awsome scrappers, i just wish i had as much talent and mojo as they did.....keeping in mind Emma is only 13... she is a gem!!!!!
Leesh xxoo

Monday, February 2, 2009 for 2009!!!!

Now that we have our computer back I will be able to upload some things and get this blog happening again...... I wont bore you with things that happended in 2008 (even though i did HEAPS of LO's towards the end of the year....), I will start fresh for 2009.
Ben, Charlotte & I went on a cruise on 5th Jan to New Zealand which was just fantastic. The cruise was 14 nights and then it docked in Auckland where we stayed for a further 5 nights.... We hired a car and drove to Rotarua, Waikatomo and then back to Auckland where we flew home. It was so nice to have this holiday and i think it will be the last for a while now.... Gotta save up some more pennies and then there is the holiday allowance with work... oops!!!
Ok so, my scrapping for 2009 isnt anywhere near as much as Sarah, but she had 26 days on me so i think its reasonable what i have actually achieved.
The first one is an Inspired Blueprints sketch for January. I didnt end up submitting it, but thats not a worry for me. Its another LO completed which is more important for me at the moment.... This was Charlotte's 1st school (daycare) photos. Her teachers were so surprised she was so photogenic..... its any wonder since she has been photographed since the moment she was born....actually even while she was BEING born.... funny!!!!!

This next one was also a sketch and unfortunately I cant remember which one as it was just one that Kindra gave me as I was having a "moment"... sorry!!!! Believe it or not, this was a time when Charlotte did not want her photo taken.... She keeps commenting on it now saying how she didnt want her photo taken. My lil Sis's Bree & Shonae just kept on smiling.....

And these next ones are my 2009 project. I decided I would pick 1 day each month to take a photo and scrap that day. For January Ben chose 5th as this was the day we left on our cruise which was exciting. I am using an "I can see Clearly Now" album which I bought ages ago from Scaploot. I think it was the Paper show in Penrith Sarah and I attended.... I just didnt know what to do with it, so this is what I decided on..... So the first one is the title page.......

And this is the 5th of January.......the blue dots at the bottom of each page were put on by Charlotte... She just loves helping me, I think she did a pretty good job too!!

I am not sure if I should stick to the same day each month, or pick a significant day in that month which was a "family" day???? HHHMMMM, something to think about, but I better hurry up and decide......

Well, today was very eventful, but the camera wasnt on hand unfortunately. It started out with Charlotte going to real gymnastics for the very first time. She did really well and just loved jumping into the foam pit off the trampoline. She would like to go back again next week which is always a bonus. THEN at swimming she floated by herself. I was so excited, as was her teacher. At the end of the lesson she got her very first swimming cerificate and a snake so she was quite chuffed by all the attention.... YAY!!!!!

Well, might head off and see if i can at least start another LO before Ben comes home from work.. but then again, there is some ironing that needs doing.... Scrap/Ironing?/Scrap/ironing....decisions, decisions he he!!!!