Saturday, October 6, 2007

Its a Sick Household!!!! With Fireman Ben

Good morning, Ben has gone to fight fires - well actually they did that yesterday, today is clean up day...yay.... while Charlotte and i stay home sick. Charlotte has been very unsettled and on and off unwell for a few weeks and to be honest....i am over it. The weekend just gone she decided to contract conjunctivitis which she has NEVER had before. Took her to the Drs on Saturday and she gave her some antibiotic cream which is very difficult to get in the eyes when she is squirming. Most of it ended up in her "mile long" eyelashes...... so how much actually got into the eye i dont know!!!!

Oh well, Monday was Charlotte's 1st swimming lesson. We were tossing up whether to take her as we have our own pool, but finally decided we should go and get some tips on how to teach her properly.... so off we went... She did so well considering she hasnt been i the water since last summer... It was like she never had the break.

Yesterday, Charlotte and i stayed home as i am now unwell which is really hard since i had to be ok to look after Charlotte, but still try and rest for myself. I have come to believe thats what Mums have to do, and i should just deal with it hey!

BUT, while i was off i finally decided i needed to get back into my other hobby - quilting - and finish the quilt i started for my cousin Libbys 18th birthday present... which by the way was in August, so slightly late!!!! have taken a photo of it as it stands which is no where near finished, but certainly allot further on that i was yesterday morning. Unfortunately like most things, the photo doesnt do justice for the beautiful colours in the fabric. The feature fabric is just to dye for (hence the reason why i bought ALLOT of it). Fusiar pink with yellow, pink and white flowers...just gorgeous, and matched Libbys personality just perfectly! Here it is.....

What do you think? I am impressed with to be honest. It was actually a pattern my bestie Sarah got from her Mum off the internet. I really liked the pattern so i used the fabric i had alreay bought for a different pattern (i do that) and then just went for it. THEN once i had cut it all out, i realised it was only a wall sized quilt, so now i need to make it bigger.... that today's mission.... off i go!!!!! Leesh

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