Sunday, October 5, 2008

Here is the LO & Card

Lets see if i can get them downloaded this time........ I published by mistake. Oh well....

The first is the LO (obviously). I cant believe i hadnt scrapped Charlotte's 1st Santa photo... well now i have. Better late than never... To be honest i actually couldnt find the photos but luckily i found them and have been able to fill the gap in her album.....

Then there is the card. I wasnt sure if i had to put a photo on it, but i havent so i made up my own rules really.... Its pretty good. I am sure there will be some better, but i have fullfilled the challenge.

Now its time for sleeping since Charlotte has FINALLY fallen asleep...... (at 10.30pm)


1 comment:

Sar said...

Xmas stuff looks great! I actually forgot about this so will have to do it during the week...oops! Cheers, Sar