Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long time between Posts.... sorry!

Well there really hasnt been much time in this household for anything, let alone scrapping. Between my work, Bens work, Tai Kwon Do... gymnastics, swimming, school activites, the list goes on.... BUT, a couple of weekends ago, and then yesterday and today I have made up for it.... I have completed all 6 of the IB Sketches and I am thinking I like em.

So here goes:

IB Sketch # 13

These are my little sisters Bree & Dannii. They had a little too much to drink with not enough sleep at a 24 hour cancer fundraising walk.... They had fun though and the photos show it....

IB Sketch # 14

This is Charlotte and I on the side of the road heading up to Mt Bullar. This little Gnome house was just there in a tree on the side of the road. I couldnt believe no-one had come along and vandalled it... It wouldnt be there long in Wollongong, thats for sure!!!

IB Sketch # 15

This one is Charlotte and all her friends at bed time... Its a wonder there is any room left for her!!

IB Sketch # 16

This photo was taken on my new camera which I got for Christmas 2007. When I opened it, the photo was already on it... Cheeky!!!

IB Sketch # 17

Yes, its a double and I struggled....

Its Charlotte when she was first using the toilet... She thought she was so funny with her red hat on.....

IB Sketch # 18

These photos were taken by Sarah @ Coopers 3rd Birthday. The photo with her hands on her eyes was actually her singing the "eyes and ears and mouth and nose" song....Funny girl....

And this one (LO # 8 for April woohoo) is an April Pagemaps Sketch.

Ben and Charlotte on Ben's KTM down at the farm house in Milton. She was far to clever to ride my little bike!!!

On a not scrapping note... here are a few random pics of late.

1st one is of Charlotte and Georgia watching playschool. I looked after the kids while Sarah went to the SIA (and I got a lovely little present for it woohoo)... It looks like they were so much trouble hey!! LOL

These 2 are of Cooper and Charlotte at Sarah's sister Nic's 40th birthday. It was an ART dress up theme... Cooper was "Speed Racer" (I think, sorry Coop), and Charlotte was a Bumble Bee. When she arrived though, she put on Cooper's helmet and he said she looked like the Pollen Jocks from the Bee Movie. Classic how these kids imaginations work isnt it.....

This is my little monkey on Easter morning. She had an egg hunt... the easter bunny was very cheeky and left eggs all over the house....

And then she had to open the big rabbit and of course ALL the paper came off at the same time....She enjoyed herself though!!

Pizzas are ready for the oven... topped with cheese YUM!!! AND.. suprisingly not too much mess.

This was her finished product... and very proud of herself indeed!!

OH... I almost forgot...

Look what I got in the mail today. I won a Kaiser RAK from Tiff... Woohoo.... Thanks heaps Tiff. Will see what I can do with these!!!!

Well, I am heading out soon to go to the dentist. Believe it or not I am looking forward to going as I have been having serious problems with my tooth and I need it fixed!!!!! I kept putting it off, and now its unbearable......

So this will be it for me for now. See what I can manage later on with a painful mouth LOL!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Leesh, what a massive post that was!!! Glad you got your goodies, you will have to do a hubby layout with them or scrap Sar's little man. Thanks for the good read, till next time, Tiff :o)

Wendy Smith said...

Hi Leesh, just responding to you question on my blog about the circles...they are done with a compass...and I jsut move the centre point slightly to create a series of circles