Friday, October 8, 2010

Wow...SFS have done it again.....

With this stunning Designer Kit for October.

I was too slow off the mark as they all sold out really quickly....But its any wonder with what Miss Sara came up with as Designer of the Month. Check out her gorgeous work here and here

I am sure Peta is planning on re-ordering for those who are keen..... Go check out SFS Website.

I have been busy this morning with 5 little cherubs in my care, so only a short post today. I have updated my 52 Weeks of Me album so will be able to share when there is a little quiet in the house (maybe tonight if I am lucky!!!). No seriously, I have no regrets at all, these kids are just the best and I love em dearly. They are getting on so well, and as soon as the littlest cherub wakes up we are going to head off to the park....Oh, sounds like him now.

Until next time, happy scrapping

Leesh xx


Peta said...

thanks for the nice post Leesh... and yes I have reordered - so make sure you go and preorder your kit NOW!!!

Sar said...

Bugger you missed out Leesh...I love ya but not enough to share mine! Heheheee!!! Thanks again for having my babies for me. xoxo