Thursday, December 2, 2010

'Tis the Silly Season Allright!!!!!

Yep it sure is.... December is here, and so are the crazy people, impatient people, just plain rude people.... Why is this so? Is it really that stressful shopping for Christmas? I always get stuck on one or two people, but its Christmas. Its the thougght that counts, so lets think about what Christmas REALLY means and be happy for what we have and who we are!!!!

Speaking of being "stuck"....I so need to share 1st December's STUCK?! Sketch with you. I have to say this one is on the top of the list for my faves for the year:

And here is my sample.

Paid a visit to Santa yesterday with the kids. I didnt think anything of it, but when we got there and started to walk up to the big fat fella, Oliver started to make a funny face....which turned into him being less than impressed and crying. We tried to give him his "doggy" which he pushed away, and even gave him his dummy, but he cried under it anyway..... We were laughing which sounds so mean and cruel, but you have to capture every aspect of your childs life, not just the happy smily ones - so here it is:

So being the end of the year, everything is finishing up. Charlotte has finished pre-school before starting big school next year, dancing has finished - with only a couple more swimming lessons still to go. I just cant believe how quick the year has gone, and next week I return to work after more than 12 months maternity leave. Its certainly going to be weird going back, but I am sure I will be fine once I get there and get back into it. I was hoping to be super organised before I went back, but with the past few weeks, this has just been unachievable. I have so much ironing to catch up on, the general keeping of the house etc...not to mention trying to keep up with the washing in this rediculous rainy weather.....Oh well, I can only do so much, but will be working on it over the weekend thats for sure.

Tonight however, I am off to Scrapbook Savvy Christmas Crop. I havent been able to get to a Friday night crop for quite a while due to Ben's shift changes, so I am looking forward to it thats for sure.

And in case you missed it, Scrapbook Savvy Cybercrop last weekend was "Pre-Christmas" theme, with the idea being to scrap last years (or previous if you are slack like me) Christmas photos before we go and take more for 2010. I am very pleased to say I managed to complete all 4 challenges and I love them all... Here they are:

Kerryn's Challenge - to create a LO using a Christmas Song as the title, including stars/circles/and glitter

Anthea's Challenge - Colour Inspiration + use 2 or more photos:

Sar's Blind Scrap (I love it....)

And finally Sara's Challenge - creating a christmas LO using "Non Christmas PP's"....this took some thinking, but again I love how it turned out.

Well, best be heading off....I have booked my kids in for make-up swimming lessons this morning and they are both tucked up sound asleep in bed, maybe I should cancel the lessons and go back to bed myself!!!! Na, just kidding.

Stay safe everyone, and venture back soon

Leesh xx


donna said...

good luck with getting organised Leesh! It is scary going back to work after being away for so long, but I am sure that you will be just fine xx

gorgeous work too hun

missing you heaps mwah!
Donna xxx

Sar said...

Looks great Leesh, you've done so well! My kids will be at swimming too at 11am with Dan. LOVE the Santa photo, a classic one for the scrapbook, thats for sure! See you tonight! xx

Linda said...

Know what you mean about rude ppl, Leesh... and that we should be thinking about the true meaning of xmas!! Absolutely LOVE all of your LO's! Especially Sar's blind scrap - gotta get to that one soon xx

Chloe :-) said...

Wow, super gorgeous pages Leesh! Love the Stuck?! one :-)