Friday, October 2, 2009

Motivation has Blown away....

Yes you heard it right. No motivation for anything this week. I feel a bit better today, but not 100%. I am not sick, I am just feeling a little down in the dumps and miserable... uncomfortable and tired. I know its probably normal, but not really normal for me.

So I have no scrapping to show. I will get off my butt and show off all what I did at retreat and since, but I have to find the right light, therefore the right time to photograph them all.

So update on the Savvy DT call. I wasnt selected which is disappointing, but never mind. The competition was tough and there was only 2 spots. Desicion was made to choose Kayla Renee and Sara - 2 very talented scrappers.....

Well, since its the long weekend allot of people are heading off on hols. We are just hanging here which is still nice. We have 2 5 year old birthday parties tomorrow and then a family picnic on Sunday so I think that should be enough to lift the spirits somewhat.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend and get lots done, whatever it may be.

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