Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Success and showing some more....

LO's that is. I am off to Newcastle tomorrow to visit my relos, so thought I would put up a post before I have to go and pack. I have so many here that I havent submitted so thought I should load them.

First one I have to show is from June Savvy Random Kit Challenge using the June He's Savvy Kit..... AND GUESS WHAT..... I WON woohoo!!!!!! I was so excited. Sar gave me a July We're Savvy Kit to play with as the July Guest Designer for Scrapbook Savvy, and I have done 2 LO's already. I love it, so bright and vibrant. I cant show yet, but I will show what LO won me this priveledge.

This was one of my entries in the May Savvy Random Kit Challenge using the May He's Savvy Kit.

This is my nephew Josiah when he was only a few days old. I have used the Bebe Boy range for this one.

Unfortunately I cant remember what this range was, but I loved it.... I have used it quite a few times and gave a different effect. The photo is of Ben with Oliver in the pram ready to go home from hospital.

Same range as previous - showing the different effect. How cute is the little owl.....I love this photo of Emma & Oliver. Emma is such a gem with all our kids.

And so not to bore you too much with my mega LO upload (there is more to come), here is a photo of my little cherubs. These two are gonna be great mates I can just see it. Oliver is really taking to Charlotte with such character xx

Of to pack for me weekend away. Just me and the kids going, but it will feel as though we are going for a year the amount of stuff I have to take: bottles, sterilizer, formula, baby food (I make all my own)....cot plus bedding, pram, rocker.....and thats wthout us having any clothes. Oh well, it will be fun so lets get to it.

Hopefully next time I come back I can reveal my news to you all.....I am so itching to tell xx