Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo-a-Day (Week 2)

Well, we are home....and as promised here is Week 2 of photo-a-day

8th Jan- This is where I found my very cheeky 14 month old Oliver....heading up the stairs. He thought he was very clever!!

9th Jan - Again, part of my "organisation" for 2011, I prepared all the dinner meals for taking away camping. This is one of the stir fry vegetable packs in my awesome cryovac machine....

10th Jan - and again, my very cheeky Oliver talking on his toy phone in the car on the way to Lake Conjola. He is trying hard to say "hello"

11th Jan - This is our camp set up using out new camper trailer.... Including....a KING size bed!!!

12th Jan - The girls swimming in the lake...they were in there for hours!!!!

13th Jan - I didn't actually take this photo as I had come home to go to work, but I had to use it....just look at her face, she is so proud catching this fish!!

14th Jan - Driving back down the coast after work I was rather bored on my I decided to take a photo from the front window of the car!!!

Well, thats it from to do some more washing!!! Oh the joys!!!!

Leesh xx


Sar said...

Tell me about it! I've been washing, hanging, bringing in all I have Mt Everest on my loungeroom floor to fold up!!!!

donna said...

That camper is HUGE Leesh! I am glad you had a good holiday (apart from that work thing in the middle of it lol) The unpacking part is the worst isnt it!
miss you
Donna xxx