Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung......

I am so very excited that Spring has finally arrived. I was really over the whole winter feeling - not wanting to get out of bed, lack of motivation....you probably know what I mean.

Unfortunately I have been lacking in allot of motivation for the last 2 weeks since returning from retreat, and my MOJO is goooooonnnne!!!!! Nowhere to be found. Sunday night when I returned my neighbour got some bad news that her 11 year old dog was really sick, then Charlotte was hit with the dreaded tummy bug, Oliver decided sleep was no longer his thing, so basically I dont think I have really caught up - then of course Oliver gets the bug, followed by me, and after 4 days, I still feel blah!!!!

Trying hard to get my focus back, just taking one step at a time. Today I am on a mission to regain my bedroom today (has turned into a dumping zone) so I am hoping my mojo has been dumped there too LOL!!!!

Now, enough of that - I do have some GOOD news.... The GOOD news is *insert drum roll here*...... STUCK?! Sketches have a new and (once again) awesome sketch.

Here it is:

And here is my take:

I loved doing this one....so why dont you have a go also. There are some awesome sponsors this month including:

Now, dont forget the birthday bonus, aswell as the blog hop mystery word competition is open until 10th September, so there is still time to get your entries in.

Good luck to everyone this month, and look forward to seeing your work in the gallery xx

Leesh xx


Jasmine S said...

Gorgeous LO. I love your little tree and the flower to match her beautiful dress. Beautiful work.

Kimic said...

Oh, she is beautiful in your dress ;-D
Beautiful work.