Saturday, March 21, 2009

The end of another hectic week.

Well it has been another very hectic week, at home, work and socially. Work... I wont bore you with it, but I will bore you with my scrapping, my crop night, and of course my great costume making!!!!

My day on Friday started out, that I wouldnt actually be able to go as my lil-sis Bree who is my Friday night babysitter was sick, so thought it was best she went home to rest.....I rang the shop to cancel, and then Sarah offered for her husband Daniel to mind Charlotte so I could go, but my little monkey, plus their own 3... didnt think it was really fair on him... And then Bree turned up... yippee!! I ended up being a little bit late though, cause me being the organised person I am, thought on the eve of Bailey's dress up party, I really should organise the costumes...oops!!!
Then as I was about to pack my stuff in the car, my neighbour (Kindra's husband) came over to see if I wanted to send Charlotte to their place so I could go scrapping... how nice was he... Kindra was already at the shop and she didnt know he had offered, which made it even nicer that he thought of me like that. Thanks Jared!!

So what I managed to get done at the Scrapbooking Delights crop night was the following:
Priority of course was the complete week 3 for amazing race over at Mystical. I liked how it turned out, just hope others do too to vote for me to stay in the race....

Thanks to Sarah too for actually sending my LO in for the gallery otherwise I wouldnt have got it in in time... Thanks, babe... I actually pinched this photo from the gallery!!!

The next 2 are both sketches from Pencillines. They were in the archive section, and think they are both pretty good. They are fairly simple sketches, which I think sometimes is good especially when the photos are cute already!!!

And here are some pics from the party yesterday. It was very funny cause when I was getting the photos' Bailey was saying "cheese" and smiling.... behind his mask!!!! Funny kid.... Can you believe he is only 2 weeks off being a whole year older than Charlotte... he is just so tiny!!

And this is my little Jessie....

And Bree was the Slinky Dog.... but unfortunately the slinky part didnt travel very well!!! oops....

I didnt get many photos unfortunately either as the battery on my camera died early into the day which is always the way isnt it... but at least I got the ones I did.

Well, since today is 22nd March, I have done 18 LO's, which is 4 behind my goal... Bette try and get some more done tonight. Will see how I go....

Until I have more to show

Leesh xxoo

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Sar said...

How cute is Charlotte!!!!!!! Love that Jesse outfit, OMG. And Bree looks awesome too. What did you go as?

Luv Sar