Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lurgies are still hanging around....

Well I still pretty much feel like crap, but getting there... Got some "good drugs" on Thursday at the Chemist. The Pharmacist only looked me up and down twice so I guess thats a good sign that he doesnt think I am going to go home and use the Demazin to make even better "drugs"... I wouldnt even know where to start!!!

Attempted to go to work yesterday only to be sent home by my boss after she said IU looked awful (should I take that as a compliment?) So, since I have been home, I have managed more LO's. One I am not allowed to show until after Sunday as its for the Mystical Amazing Race 6 week Challenge. I am happy with how it turned out in the end... I just hope I am not the first the be eliminated, but I know there are sssoooo many more talented scrappers out there than me so.. lets just see where it takes me.

I felt a little bit guilty scrapping while I was home sick .. but what the heck... its done now.

So these ones I CAN show off... the first one is of my gorgeous Georgia and I from Coopers 3rd Birthday at Small Frys. Sarah gave me the photo and I have finally gotten around the scrapping something (or someone) other than Charlotte again... Its a good change. I actually mucked up to start with cause we also went to Small Frys for Georgia's 1st birthday and so the initial journalling was all about her 1st birthday oops!! Not to worry, fixed up in the end, so now here it is. I have used the March Puzzle Sketch for this one.

This next one is actually using the left over photos from the Mystical Amazing Race LO. I got some little pics printed at Big W, thinking I would use them, but in the end the LO didnt allow for them. So, instead of wasting them, I ended up with another LO. This one was my take on PageMaps March 2009.

And this last pic is a show off pic. Charlotte was doing some letters at school the other day and they used these little foam letters. I found some the other day in Big W so I bought her a packet so we could do some letter matching at home. I wrote the words, and spread out some of the letters on the table and she had to find the matching letter and then stuck them on her page. I am very proud of her... she is doing so well considering she only 3 next week. This was all done by herself.

Well fingers crossed I dont get eliminated this week for Mystical, but we will know on Monday morning I guess.... I will be able to show the LO off then too.

Til next time

Leesh xxxoo

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