Thursday, September 25, 2008

The loss of our precious Austin

Yesterday was not a good day. Wednesday September 24th 2008, was the day we recieved bad news that our puppy dog had died. It was such a shock. He wasnt even 5 years old so it wasnt as if he was old.... He had been off his food for a couple of days but thats about it. Ben came to work to give me the news which was really hard. The hardest part was to come though.... telling our 2 year old and trying to make her understand that he wouldnt be coming home.

Wyland Aussie Idol (Austin) was our first pet. He was the most placid, beautiful dog. He was so loyal and he will be sadly missed by us all. RIP Austin, we love you!

Wednesday night though i was cheered up a bit by joining in ScrapTherapy blind scrap. I was a bit nervous actually like i was sitting for an exam. I think my layout turned out pretty good though and i will post it as soon as i can get a photo of it. I dont think it would be any good taking one until day time. I missed my opportunity cause i went for a walk and it was dark by the time i got in. No worries... will see if i can get anything done tonight.
Leesh xxoo


Sar said...

Poor boy, still can't believe it. Hugs babe.


oh i love winemaranas.. (cant spell it lol) the boys are just adorable... i had one a few years back.. so sorry for your loss..