Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend of Scrapping Efforts

Well the weekend started out slow on the scrap front. I was looking forward to heading over to Sarah's for a scrap day, but was feeling under the weather. It was a combination of getting "lurgies" from Ben and Charlotte and a big night the night before...... So instead of spreading my germs, I stayed home and Sar & I made up our own cyber scrap day!!.
Before I could venture into my scrap room though, i had to clean up from the night before... So glad I had my little "Fairy Helper" to lend a hand......

I think I would have done better with some personal inspiration, but I managed to get three layouts done so all in all a sussessful day on my part.

The first one is of Charlotte on her 1st birthday with her new bike. She looks so little on it..... This layout was the Diva September Challange at Scrapbook Divas. I had never submitted a challenge before, but I was happy with the outcome so I submitted it for fun. It had to include Red, Pink, Green & Aqua Blue Colours + Scollops + Ribbon, Lace or fabric + 3D Embellishments

This next one is the 2nd part of the above. I didnt submit it for the challenge, but just used the leftovers to keep the colouring the same. Its Charlotte on the bike again, taking Jed for a ride. Jed was made for her by Zia Leigh before she was born and he has travelled everywhere with her since.

The last one is of my neice Brittany and Charlotte. This was done with the assistance from a sketch from Little Book of Sketches. I tried to use different colours - yellow and purple isnt a combination I use very often.

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Sar said...

How good is that picture of the cleaning fairy, that'll be awesome to scrap! Cheers, Sar