Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have scrapped my Girls 1st Birthday

Yes I know, I am 18 months late, but i have finally scrapped Charlotte's 1st birthday. The photo isn't the best cause i took it at night, but it is just to show i am back.... I checked out my gorgeous Sarah's blog and she has inspired me so much. She has so many spectacular layouts so i knew i needed to get my act into gear.... This layout is fairly simple. I used the lilac purple bling cardstock, patterned velum which I bought in a pack from spotlight forever ago (sorry cant remember the brand name), which i cut out using Alphalicious font on the Cricut, and then i stitched it down using my sewing machine. The flowers i bought forever ago also from Scrapbooking Delights, the fibre across the top is a Basic Grey - Romani, and the little blocks arent as clear, but they say FIRST - dont ask me where they came from? They are just these little bead things????????????????

I havent really used anything different in my techniques, i just needed to get something done before i recreate my mojo (as Sar calls it)..... Sar has booked me in (I hope) to the crop night on Friday night so i will need to get myself very organised before then.

I am back at work tomorrow though, so I will see how much time i have during the week... In saying that, Ben is on night shift so this might be a good week to get going. See if my brain is still able to function by the time i get home.

My Sis and Brother-in-law (to be) and nephew (to be) just came to visit. It was great to see them, and now it will be heads down bums up to get other things organised for their upcoming wedding - including me losing the 4 kilos i put on before i went away. It wouldnt be such a big deal but the dresses have arrived and i was 4 kilos lighter when i tried it on so now i need to be able to STILL fit into it.... Oh man!!!!! Its all good.... back to crackers at work for lunch, and lots of water and fruit.... I can do it!!!! I have faith in myself.......aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Charlotte crashed asfter a big day and no sleep, so I will be off to tidy up before I too hit the sack. Hopefully I will be on soon with some more to show.... I also think I will check out the challenge on Scrap the Music cause I think it sounds like fun...

Leesh xxoo

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Sar said...

Whoa baby, thats a post and a half!!!!!! Love the LO of Charlotte's birthday, can't wait to see it in real life. Don't worry about the 4kg, you know you can get rid of it quick smart if you have to. Can't wait for Friday night!!!!! Luv Sar