Friday, September 12, 2008

My Monkey has sticky eyes!!

Hello again. This is the second day in a row but i have nothing to show off. I really need to get into my room and get some organisation back. It is pretty much a write off since i was madly finishing my cousins 21st album (which i finished on time by the way), and i havent really been in there since..... Yesterday afternoon Charlotte woke up with a sticky eye so i rang the Drs straight away to see if i could get in and luckily got a 5.20pm appointment.... 7.00pm we got home with a diagnisis of exactly what i thought... conjunctivitis. Oh boy. We have been in the middle of no-where for 6 weeeks, we are home for 2 days and she gets this from somehere.

So today we are in isolation. We were meant to be going to Ben's brothers place for lunch with some other friends, but that isnt happening now... so Ben has gone to fire training and us girls are home alone. Oh well, i know i will spending some time upstairs now..... Sarah is on to me...... She is warming up the whip, i can hear it!!!!
I was also hoping to go and visit a friend and her new baby, but we wont be doing that either. Mikaylah was born yesterday by caesarian - she is the new baby sister to Taylah who is Charlotte's best friend. She hasnt seen her for the 6 weeks we have been away and was so looking forward to going to see her, but we will have to wait til Monday now when she goes to school.....
Ok, the mission will be starting right now.... going to clean up my room.

Leesh xoo

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Sar said...

Thank goodness my babies haven't got it yet....I wonder where Charlotte could have picked it up?? Hope its gone by tomorrow so she can go to school. How did the cleaning of the room go.... (as I warm up my whip!). Luv Sar