Thursday, September 11, 2008

Returning from a very long stint..... Slack i know!!

I am returning thanks to my bf Sarah. She asked me what my blog address was and you know i couldnt tell her.... I couldnt even remember my log on so i have reset and all is good.... so.... I'm back!!!!! Just as well too since my last log on was November 2007.... could it have been that long ago? Maybe so........... Oh boy.....

I havent dont much in the way of scrapping. Its too hard when you are in the middle of Central Australia which is where i have been for the past 6 weeks. It was very good and i enjoyed it but i am so glad to be home. When we travelled to Cape York a few years back the 4 weeks we were away was the longest i had been away from home, and now this was the longest..... Charlotte did really well though. She got a bit home sick but thats understandable. She didnt understand that she couldnt just go over to her friends place whenever she felt like it.

we ended up doing about 11,000 km all up... saw some iteresting things - some with very different lifestyles.... Well best be off. I would like to do some scrapping before i get 10 years behind, but i have a scrap room to clean up before then.... Leesh

1 comment:

Sar said...

Go clean that room girl, and get some scrapping on your blog!!!!!!!