Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Nightshift!!!

The weekend is over, and Ben is off to nightshift for yet another week. Today was our last weekend together before he starts weekend work so we decided to spend the day together as a family....which meant no scrapping for me today!!

BUT... I did manage to finally get to Crop Night at Scrapbooking Delights on Friday night. I finished 3 layouts and the 4th requires a title so not quite ready. I wanted to use my Cricut cause i knew I could work the exact size needed... will get to that as soon as Charlotte is in bed.

So, here they are:
The first one is an Inspired Blueprints sketch from last year (December i think). It was during the time my computer was in getting fixed and my old PC didnt upload pics so Sarah did it for me (thanks babe), and has finally given it back to me.
I love this page, and i look back on this and see how much Charlotte still LOVES that little guitar which was a 1st birthday present from Marissa, Gordon & Keeley. Now when Ben gets his guitar out, Charlotte goes and grabs hers aswell as her Simpsons "pickle" (pick) to join him. She plays Bah Bah Blacksheep....too cute!!
The White with 1 challenge for February was white with white and to be honest at first i thought this was completely nuts..... But after seeing a few of the other LO's submitted, and giving it a go i thought it was a great idea... Certainly nothing i would have thought of. Once again, this is a photo from 2007 (yes i am that far behind) of Ben and Charlotte very comfortable on the lounge on a hot day..... too cute to miss a photo opportunity.

And this last one was a "just because" LO... yes believe it or not, i actually thought of this one myself.... OK i will admit, it was originally meant to be last months Inspired sketch, but no-one had a copy of it on Friday night so i made something of it myself!!! These photos crack me up every time i see them. Charlotte had an absolute ball this day helping Ben wash the car. I think she had more water in her shoes and on her clothes than what was put on the car!!!Last night Ben and I went to Ben cousin "Ketto's" 21st birthday. It was dress up and the theme was Hollywood. It was just fantastic seeing what people turned up dressed in.... there were only 3 double up costumes which out of 100 people was pretty good. So i dressed up a Vivienne Ward from Pretty Women. I originally thought of going as Vivienne BEFORE she met the rich guy (sorry cant think of his name right now...) but Ben's reaction wasnt the best, so i went for the Red Dress. So thanks to Sarah for the loan of the dress and Linda for the loan of the gloves, this is what i came up with (sorry no full shots).

Give you a clue for what Ben dressed up as.... "Oh Groovy Baby", "Will we shag now or shag later!"... yes thats right, Austin Powers. He was so good at it too. Its scary how well he portrayed the character.... right down to the horrible teeth!! This photo is of Ben and his cousin Yaya (Talia)... Ben took these photos, but Yaya was laughing too much.... he was such a crack up! Oh Yaya was Lara Croft from Tomb Raider btw.
These photos was taken later in the night without the teeth... i just couldnt look at them anymore!!!
I have just put Charlotte to bed and realised it is now puring with rain.... Fingers crossed it stays here for a while and also heads down south to Victoria. The devastation is just horrific, i just cant fathem what those people must be gogn through. The last newsflash was 63 people confirmed dead.... its just terrible.
Might try and get a LO done before i go to bed. Good luck to me!!!
Before i head off, i would like to add a huge congratualtions to my bf Sarah and her nieve Emma who have had some great success lately with having LO's accepted for publication in Mags. They are just awsome scrappers, i just wish i had as much talent and mojo as they did.....keeping in mind Emma is only 13... she is a gem!!!!!
Leesh xxoo


LisaW said...

Hey Alicia! Great pics from the party!! Your white with white layout photographed beautifully!

Eme has shoes from sizes 3-6, so if you want any, I'll bag them up for you need any little dresses either?

Sar said...

Aw thanks hunny, I've had plenty of practice with the scrapping though, you know I don't do much else...don't think talent has too much to do with it!

Luv ya,