Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wet Rainy Saturday...

Its funny isn't it... we complain about the heat, now we finally get some rain and I am over it already. I know we need it, I just have to look at my back lawn to realise the grass is struggling, but it leads to a bored 2 (almost 3) year old.

After watching multiple kids movies, I thought it was a good idea to get the gum boots and rain coats out and go find some puddles. Charlotte thought that was a great idea.... luckily we live in a fairly quiet neighbourhood, cause when we got out there we discovered the only puddles which didnt contain mud were in the gutters. She had a ball before coming inside to prepare dinner for Ben going off to work... yes work on Valentines Day..... he is actually doing an overtime shift. It doesnt really matter cause we dont usually do the whole Valentines thing anyway.

So most of the day, i decided to get a start on a cross stitch for my brother and sis-in-laws expected baby. They are about 10 weeks now and i was so excited when they told me. I already had the pattern, but i went out and bought all the threads needed. I dont think it will take me long to do it, but i dont want to leave it til the last minute like i have done in the past!!!

After dinner, i thought i would change crafts and do some scrapping. I managed to get Feb done in my 2009 mini album which is pretty cool.

Well, Charlotte is in bed, so i will clean up and see if i get anything else done tonight....

Leesh xxoo

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Emma Da Gamemma said...

Your little girl is gorgeous, Those pics will go nicely on a scrap page, lol.