Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On a roll!!!

Ben only has 2 more nights left and it will be the beginning of my working week tomorrow. So to make sure i get my "quota" done for the week, i made sure i made the effort and got another LO done today. Sophie came down for a play but unfortunately after a very big morning, i had to put Charlotte to bed for her afternoon sleep, so i made the most of having a very quiet house and completed the following:This photo is of Charlotte & my niece Katie. These 2 are only 6 weeks an 6 days apart... too cute. Believe it or not, i have only used 1 piece of cardstock and 1 piece of PP here. The PP is from Scenic Route company and named "Charlotte". How approriate.

Oh, i must show a couple of pics of Charlotte from tonight. She was playing quietly in her little Dora tent, but i thought she was being a little TOO quiet!!! I asked her what she was doing and the response i got was this:
She had emptied a packet of bandaids because her cow hand puppet had sores on him... I couldnt help but laugh, and of course had to take a photo..... Too funny!!!

She is just gorgeous!!!!
She had a great day at Gymnastics this morning, and was commended for her improvement from one of the swimming Mums. She has just come such a long way lately. Its as if something inside her has just clicked.... she is doing so well!!!
Got bags to pack and lunches to make, so best be off. Lets see what tomorrow brings!!!!!
Leesh xxoo

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Sar said...

Oh god she's cute!!! They do some funny things don't they...Cooper's latest thing is to pack his bag and go to 'primary school' which is downstairs...hehe...

Luv Sar