Friday, February 27, 2009

Lots to Share....

Well, this is what I consider lots for me!!!

I just spent the last half hour going through my LO's working out dates of the photos from the external hard-drive. For some reason, I didnt put the dates with the photos when they were first printed like I normally do? It may have had something to do with the hassles I had with Rabbit Photo. I finally got my prints and I just wanted to get in and use them. Oh well, its not that big a deal. It just means I can actually start putting them away in my new Print Blocks ring binder album I bought from Scrapbooking Delights last weekend.

First up is a photo of Charlotte who has just discovered Kindy Glitz. She was amused for hours which is good for me cause I got other stuff done.

Next up is tag which was made at Linda's Stampin Up Deomonstration coducted by Vanessa Webb. We had a good night, just would have been nice to get a bit more scrapping done though... Oh well never mind!!! The tag is quite cute i thought.

And this is the card we also made at the demonstration. I think it turned out nicely also and I ended up ordering the stamps we used......

And I was planning on giving it to my sister for her birthday, until just now..... I found Charlotte starting her craft time.... by doing some cutting..... Straight through the side of the card!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH well I guess I need to make a new one now. (I didnt take another photo, I was too devestated, while Charlotte spent some time in "timeout")

This next LO is one I did this morning at a lovely quiet scrap day at Sarah's place. It was a sketch from Feb 2009 Pagemaps... I have just realised as I submit this post though, the question mark (?) has fallen off. It has since been put back on the finish off the question of "What's with that Face?" Its another photo of Charlotte from 2007, and since I scrap in (sort of) date order, I am slowly catching up he he!! I hear you laugh!!!!

This one is of Charlotte when she fell asleep standing up on the lounge. She is just like her Father... can fall asleep just about anywhere!!

This is another Pagemaps Sketch, but I am not sure which one it was. All I know is that it was an older one. AND, I have submitted this without looking at it properly... I didnt journal in the journal block. I didnt have a date last night when I scrapped it, so I left the journalling also. I have since journalled it oops sorry!

And this last one is a LO I completed the other night. Its Stuck Sketch #69, so a little late, but its OK.... I just needed some assistance with this one!! Its a photo of my little sister Shonae (Left) and my neice Brittany-Jo (right) at Windang Beach in 2007. Every time I tried to get a photo of them, they did the stupid "MySpace Face" and I was so over it by the end of the day. This was the best I could get... I kept asking them not to do the MySpace Face!!

So, that's about it for me for today. I had to leave Sarah's to come home and cook dinner before Ben goes back to night shift, but I will try and get at least one more LO done tonight. I managed to reach my goal of 10 12x12 LO's for the month, so I am happy with that, but over 10 would be even better.....

Bye for now.

Leesh xxoo


Anonymous said...

Hey Leesh (love how you call yourself that), thanks for sharing all your wonderful new projects, Tiff :o)

LisaW said...

hehe...I know your pain there! Eme took to one of my layouts once with StazOn remover and was using it like paint! Talk about shattering!! Great layouts Alicia - love that pic of Charlee sleeping on the lounge!