Monday, February 2, 2009 for 2009!!!!

Now that we have our computer back I will be able to upload some things and get this blog happening again...... I wont bore you with things that happended in 2008 (even though i did HEAPS of LO's towards the end of the year....), I will start fresh for 2009.
Ben, Charlotte & I went on a cruise on 5th Jan to New Zealand which was just fantastic. The cruise was 14 nights and then it docked in Auckland where we stayed for a further 5 nights.... We hired a car and drove to Rotarua, Waikatomo and then back to Auckland where we flew home. It was so nice to have this holiday and i think it will be the last for a while now.... Gotta save up some more pennies and then there is the holiday allowance with work... oops!!!
Ok so, my scrapping for 2009 isnt anywhere near as much as Sarah, but she had 26 days on me so i think its reasonable what i have actually achieved.
The first one is an Inspired Blueprints sketch for January. I didnt end up submitting it, but thats not a worry for me. Its another LO completed which is more important for me at the moment.... This was Charlotte's 1st school (daycare) photos. Her teachers were so surprised she was so photogenic..... its any wonder since she has been photographed since the moment she was born....actually even while she was BEING born.... funny!!!!!

This next one was also a sketch and unfortunately I cant remember which one as it was just one that Kindra gave me as I was having a "moment"... sorry!!!! Believe it or not, this was a time when Charlotte did not want her photo taken.... She keeps commenting on it now saying how she didnt want her photo taken. My lil Sis's Bree & Shonae just kept on smiling.....

And these next ones are my 2009 project. I decided I would pick 1 day each month to take a photo and scrap that day. For January Ben chose 5th as this was the day we left on our cruise which was exciting. I am using an "I can see Clearly Now" album which I bought ages ago from Scaploot. I think it was the Paper show in Penrith Sarah and I attended.... I just didnt know what to do with it, so this is what I decided on..... So the first one is the title page.......

And this is the 5th of January.......the blue dots at the bottom of each page were put on by Charlotte... She just loves helping me, I think she did a pretty good job too!!

I am not sure if I should stick to the same day each month, or pick a significant day in that month which was a "family" day???? HHHMMMM, something to think about, but I better hurry up and decide......

Well, today was very eventful, but the camera wasnt on hand unfortunately. It started out with Charlotte going to real gymnastics for the very first time. She did really well and just loved jumping into the foam pit off the trampoline. She would like to go back again next week which is always a bonus. THEN at swimming she floated by herself. I was so excited, as was her teacher. At the end of the lesson she got her very first swimming cerificate and a snake so she was quite chuffed by all the attention.... YAY!!!!!

Well, might head off and see if i can at least start another LO before Ben comes home from work.. but then again, there is some ironing that needs doing.... Scrap/Ironing?/Scrap/ironing....decisions, decisions he he!!!!



Sar said...

No decision for me, go scrap!!!! You have to beat me for February...come on, you can do it! Hehe. Maybe I should get a job and then you can tease me about how little I get done....

Love your pages and your album is looking awesome.


Wendy Smith said...

these are fabulous layouts..

thanks for visiting my blog...hope to be back and see more from you too